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About Us - Threlkeld Village Hall Management


History of the Village Hall

Read more about the history of the hall:

Opening in 1901

Evolution of the revitalisation project

Revitalisation Scheme

Time Capsule

A Time Capsule has been buried under the Village Hall.

It contains a booklet produced by pupils at the school and other Revitalisation Project momentos.

What you say about us ...

I think it is the nicest one I have ever booked ............... The facilities and the cleanliness and the welcome were all excellent ..........  

Village Hall

Management Committee

Members of the Committee are:

Jo Alberti (Chair)
Steven Oldfield (Secretary)
Graham Anderson
Dot Benson
Joe Davis
Tina Morland
Christine Renouf
Moira Suringar

Treasurer :  Neil Beresford
Monitoring Officer: Barbara Lowesmith

Quilt group

Governing Documents

Threlkeld Village Hall is the responsibility of Threlkeld Village Hall Trust, a charity registered in England and Wales (reg number 231380)

Download the Charity Commission and Coffee Shop governing documents.

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