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AGM 6 Jan 2020


Present: Trustees: Jo Alberti, Steven Oldfield, Graham Anderson, Joe Davis, , Christine Renouf, David Evans.  In attendance:  Neil Beresford, , Adam Bazire, Vanya Anderson, Laurence Deadman, Liz Beresford Smith, Veronica Pollitt, Robert Gilbert, Ann Gilbert and Rosie Cumella.

  1. Apologies – Barbara Lowesmith
  2. The minutes of last year's A.G.M., which had been available on the Hall's website for 12 months, were accepted.
  3. Under matters arising, Christine Renouf updated the meeting on the situation regarding the public toilets, which were to close next month and the fact that the V.H. would take them on with a view to converting them into extra storage.  Architects were working on plans.  She also mentioned that the car parking situation had improved by virtue of the marker posts being in situ, encouraging motorists to park correctly.
  4. Chair's address – see attached.
  5. Secretary's report – see attached.
  6. Treasurer's report – see attached.
  7. Coffee Shop – see attached.
  8. Christine Renouf, David Evans and Joe Davis had been nominated and seconded to remain as members of the Trust Management Committee and it was agreed they should continue.
  9. At this stage there were no new Committee Members.
  10. Questions were invited, none received.

After a short break, Rosie Cumella gave a very interesting and informative talk on the origins, work and development of the Calvert Trust followed by an enjoyable and moving video of some of the activities carried on there.

The evening concluded with drinks and ‘nibbles’ overseen by Graham Anderson.

The evening concluded at 9.30pm

Threlkeld Village Hall Trust   AGM  January 6th 2020  Chair’s Address:-

Welcome to you all – its good to see so many on such an awful evening. I know AGMs are not the most exciting of meetings and this one won’t surprise you – but we do have the bonus of an interesting speaker as at the end of the AGM business Rosie Cumella will talk to us about the work of the Calvert Trust.

For the last three years Jo Alberti has sat in this chair but Jo stepped down as the chair last May when she moved to live in Keswick. I didn’t know Jo well but her reputation went before her and I suspect the lack of volunteers to step into her shoes was because they were big. I am told that she ruled the committee meetings with an iron rod. She is missed by the committee and on all our behalf I want to thank her for all that she did for the Trust including regularly cleaning the stairs. Not a job I have taken on!

As the newcomer on the committee I was invited/cajoled/encouraged to take over from Jo. Jo assured me that everyone else on the committee did all the work and she was right. So as well as thanking Jo for her strong leadership of the committee I want to thank the other committee members for all they do to keep the village hall a welcoming and vibrant centre for the village.

Steven Oldfield is our secretary which means he is involved in almost every activity of the hall. He is responsible for hall bookings and ensures that those hiring the hall have everything they need and checks that it has been left in a good state when they have gone. Steven also keeps an eye on all hall maintenance matters and is ably supported by Graham Anderson, Neil Beresford, Barbara Lowesmith and Joe Davies. Joe also patiently takes the minutes at all our meetings. Moira Suringar provides us with sound legal advice and keeps us on the straight and narrow.

Neil Beresford has recently stepped down as our treasurer after ?? years and I want to thank him for so ably guarding our finances. I am very pleased that Neil has opted to stay with us by becoming a co-opted trustee.  David Evans has stepped into his shoes as the treasurer.

Dot Benson has also stepped down as the Parish Council representative. Dot has supported the Village hall for many years and I am sure many of you will know of the grand work she has done so Dot thank you on behalf of the committee. We are waiting to hear who are new representative will be from the parish council.

The range of activities in the hall continue to be very impressive attracting villagers and those from outside: the activities include bowls, pilates, yoga, keep fit, women’s group, dancing. And thank you to Tina and  the team who work with her running the Brownies and the youth club for our younger residents.

I want also to mention the TAA and the Coffee Shop – both are central to life in the village and attract many from outside. They continue to be very successful and last year the Coffee Shop made a donation of £5000 to the village hall and the TAA £3000. This not only supports the up keep of the hall but enables us to support local groups with small grants.

Threlkeld Village Hall  A.G.M. Monday,  6th  January, 2020 Secretary’s Report.

This Secretary’s Report relates to the work of the V.H. Trust Management Committee since the date of the last A.G.M, up to the present time.

The Committee during 2019 comprised Graham Anderson, Joe Davis and myself, elected at the A.G.M., Jo Alberti, Christine Renouf and David Evans were co-opted by the Committee and Moira Suringar, Tina Morland and Dot. Benson, appointed by the TAA, TYP and PC respectively.  In March, 2019 Jo resigned from the Committee due to her re-location to Keswick  and at the end of last year Dot stood down for personal reasons, no replacement has yet been identified by the P.C.. Jo was replaced as Chair by Christine, Graham Anderson continued as Vice Chair, Joe Davis continued as minutes secretary and myself as Secretary.  In addition Neil Beresford – Treasurer and Barbara Lowesmith – monitoring officer/TAA chair have attended meetings but without voting rights. Neil resigned as Treasurer a couple of months ago, having carried out those duties since long before the new hall, he has agreed to stay on as a Trustee and David is now the treasurer. We now routinely have an item on the Agenda to cover any coffee shop matters that may be of relevance to the sole share holder, the Village Hall, and in consequence a member of the coffee shop board, usually Adam Bazire, has also attended our meetings.  We have managed on average 78% attendance over 5 x two monthly meetings, which is one percentage point down on last year.

Continuous efforts are made to attract new people onto the Management Board, we are ‘technically’ up to strength but would always welcome more assistance or interest.

At the regular meetings we discussed all the usual matters plus taking over the public toilets building and the constant interest in the plans for the field out front, which we desire for car parking purposes.  For those who are not clear on how the Village Hall, the TAA and the Coffee Shop work together, basically the TAA are a completely separate organisation run by their own management, Chaired by Barbara Lowesmith.  They organise most of the non-private events that go on in the hall, they raise appreciable monies, most of which comes to the Village Hall.  The Coffee Shop is, again, a separate organisation run by their own management, their Chair being Adam Bazire. They are non profit making, they pay rent to the village hall and also make an appreciable donation to the Village Hall every year.  Both organisations are free to make contributions to other outside organisations. With money provided by the TAA and the Coffee Shop, plus the not insignificant money raised by the hiring out of the hall the Village Hall management look to pay all the bills, keep the building and contents up to scratch and, so far, make contributions to the running of the Youth Club, the Brownies and the Rainbows.  We are aware that the roof of the main hall will need replacing sometime and we are also looking to purchase new stage lights for the main hall, which won’t be cheap.  We have raised the hiring rate for the hall for the first time since the new hall opened but I have had no complaints or withdrawal of use as a result.

We need to thank Steph. Malik and Sylvia Tuer who take care of the cleaning of the hall and prepare the hall for upcoming events.  Sylvia and I look after the ‘meeting and greeting’ of hall hirers.  The Committee are very grateful to Steph and Sylvia for carrying out their   present roles.  Whilst on the subject of appreciation for help given, Helen O’Brien still keeps our web-site in good order and John Knifton has saved the Village Hall hundreds of pounds and also provided work of an exceptional standard carrying out maintenance and installation work of all kinds.  We are very grateful to these two, as well as to those too numerous to individually name for providing other types of assistance such as setting up and taking down for events in the hall, the clearing up, washing up etc. after events.  The putting out of the Christmas decorations and the attendance on the occasional day when we have a general spring clean.

In the last financial year the hall has hosted campers, brides and grooms and people throwing parties for all sorts of reasons.  We have acted as a staging post for long distance walkers and runners, The TAA has hired the hall for music events, films, talks, drama, comedy, ceilidhs and a craft fayre, plus keep fit classes and TAA meetings. The TYP, that’s the Threlkeld Young People, report that the Youth Club, the Brownies and the Rainbows are all going strong. This is an area the trustees are particularly pleased with.  Professional leaders are employed with the youth group but all three activities also rely upon voluntary help.  Again, anyone feeling they have something to offer would be most welcome. In addition to those activities, regularly held in the hall are meetings by Threlkeld Housing, the Women’s Group, the Cumbria Commoners, the Parish Council, friends of Blencathra and Friends of Threlkeld Quarry, the Herdwick Sheep Farmers, the National Parks and the Cumbria Rivers Trust, events by the school, the Blencathra Foxhounds, St. Mary’s Church, indoor bowls, circle dancing, Yoga, Pilates, keep fit, various art groups, independent drama productions and independent musical performers to name just about all of them.  To sum up the hall hire, during the last calendar year we had 524 hirings of the main hall and coffee shop area, not counting the actual coffee shop day to day work, as against 512 last year, however the total hours is down from 1668 to 1533 This means the hall is hired out on average for 29 hours per week.

I believe a tremendous amount of good will has been created around the village hall by the activities carried on here.  Much work is done, time given voluntarily by a relatively small group of people, however, there is no closed shop.  Anyone is invited to get involved, there is enough work to go round and if anyone feels they have something to offer please make yourself known to any of the people already involved.

For those who have attended our A.G.M. before you may realise my report is very similar to the one I made last year, I think this is an indication that everything is stable and going well.

I would like to end by thanking those here this evening for showing interest and taking the time to attend.

Treasurer’s Report to Threlkeld Village Hall Trustees Year ending 30th September 2019

Another successful year, with growing reserves available for improvement projects

Treasurer’s Report to Threlkeld Village Hall Trustees

Year ending 30th September 2019


  • A surplus of £14,386 for the year
  • Available Funds at the Year End of £61,754
  • An Operational surplus of £8,425
  • A Projects Fund surplus of £5,961
  • Another successful year, with growing reserves available for improvement projects


Reflects the day to day operation of the building

The operating surplus arising from lettings and rentals, less the cost of running the building, was £8,425 compared to £8,601 in the previous year.

Operating Income was £1,635 lower than the previous year, however Operating Costs were lower by £1,459, leaving an Operating Surplus £176 less than the previous year.

Income from Hall Hire at £12,151, was £1,424 lower than the previous year, but still the second-best year on record.

A small increase of £40 per month in the Coffee Shop Licence was agreed earlier this year.

The income received from renewable energy (FITS and RHI) was a little lower than last year. Partly this is because the heating in the building is being better controlled related to usage of the spaces, hence less heat is generated, and less payment received. There should be a commensurate reduction in electricity usage. There is also a timing issue on the receipt of FITS payments.

Operating expenses were £17,531, £1,459 less than the previous year. The main area of saving was on Maintenance, which at £2,659 was £1,049 less than last year. This does not reflect any change to policy, which has remained to maintain the facilities as necessary to retain a high-quality environment.

There have been useful reductions in the cost of Advertising, Replacements, Insurance, IT and Professional Fees.

Projects Fund

Reflects non-operational income and expenditure; grants, donations, project spend

Donations were received from the Coffee Shop and from the TAA. The Coffee Shop donation reflected their surplus for the year, whereas in the previous year it had included grants towards refurbishment of the servery.

We also received donations totalling £92 from Hall users and Easy Fund Raising.

Project spending on equipment was for additional shelving in the office area for the Coffee Shop and web-based heating controls to enable the Secretary to remotely set the Hall heating levels appropriate to usage of the Hall.

Grants were made by the Trust to the TYP and Brownies to support their programmes with young people from the village and surrounding areas.

Available Funds

At the end of September the Trust held available cash funds of £61,754, after allowing for a VAT liability of £1,389 to be paid in November.

Accounts Examination

These accounts have been subject to scrutiny by an Independent Examiner and an appropriate certificate has been issued.


As previously agreed, as of 1st October I have handed over the role of Treasurer to Mr David Evans. I will of course continue to give David any assistance that he requests.

Neil Beresford


Detailed Income & Expenses

Threlkeld Village Hall  A.G.M. Coffee Shop Report.

Click here to view the powerpoint presentation.













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