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Co-option and AGM 14 Jan 2016

Co-option Meeting

Threlkeld Village Hall Management Meeting.

Minutes of meeting held 14th January, 2016.

Present were Jo Alberti, Moira Suringar, Neil Beresford, Joe Davies, Graham Anderson and Steven Oldfield.

  1. There were no apologies

  2. Co-option of members to the Management Committee.Ann Iredale was nominated by Steven Oldfield, seconded by Jo Alberti and everyone present voted in favour.Graham Anderson was nominated by Moira Suringar and was seconded by Joe Davies, everyone present voted in favour.

  3. The meeting opened at 6.40pm and closed at 6.45pm

AGM 14 January 2016



Present: Jo Alberti, Graham and Vanya Anderson, Steven and Kathleen Oldfield, Joe Davis, Moira Suringar, Saima Afzal, Ann Iredale, Neil and Elizabeth Beresford, Barbara Lowesmith, John Pickering, Sylvia Tuer, Michael Hambrey, David Minnikin, Marion Turner, John and Pat Knifton, Patric Gilchrist, Mike and Jan Talbot.


  1. Apologies for absence – Jane and Trevor Roberts.

  2. Minutes of the previous A.G.M. on Thursday, 29th January, 2015 – It was agreed that these were an accurate account of the meeting- proposed by Neil Beresford and seconded by Jo Alberti.

  3. Matters arising – none.

  4. Chair's address – see below.

  5. Secretary's report – see below.

  6. Treasurer's report – see below.

  7. Election of three members of the Trust Management Committee – Jo Alberti, Steven Oldfield and Joe Davis had been proposed and seconded and, since there were no other candidates, their election was unanimously agreed.

  8. Any questions – none.

After a short break, Patric Gilchrist, Executive Director of the Theatre by the Lake, gave a brief but very interesting talk about his career in theatre management. This was then followed by an interesting talk/presentation/question and answer session by Professor Mike Hambrey, who lives at Under Knott, on the effects of Storm Desmond on the village and on the course of the beck running through his property. He also outlined several possible solutions to the flooding issues.

The meeting ended at 9.15pm.

Chair’s  Address

Jo Alberti told those attending that her address would be brief: she only became a member of the management committee of the Trust in August and was elected chair in November.  Her chief impression in the past five months was the immense amount of work required to manage the Hall -  much of it voluntary.  She was full of admiration in particular for the commitment demonstrated by Neil and Steven who are in the Hall nearly every day to deal with matters which require their attention: the handiness of  John Knifton and Graham Anderson also regularly in use.   The Hall is already well used and is becoming better known all the time.  The varied and attractive programme organised by the Activities Association, led by Barbara Lowesmith, has brought in good and sometimes very full audiences and it goes from strength to strength.  Less high profile is the contribution made by Liz Beresford ,Pat Knifton and others in serving refreshments at events.

Meanwhile the reputation of the Coffee Shop is spreading and customer numbers, excellent during the summer and autumn, have been more sporadic but still satisfying during the winter months.

Jo expressed her hope that the wariness felt by some in the village about the replacement of the old Public Rooms by this new venture, will gradually recede and they will come to celebrate the Hall as a benefit to the life of the village.

Secretary’s  Report

This Secretary’s Report relates to the work of the Village Hall Trust Management Committee since the date of the last A.G.M. on the 29th January, 2015 to the present time, and to the progress that the hall has made in that time.

By the end of the A.G.M. of 2015 the Committee comprised of Roger Bragg, Emma Weir and Moira Suringar, appointees of the Parish Council, the TYP and the TAA respectively.  Elected to the Committee at that AGM were Saima Afzal, Joe Davis and myself.  It was known that the long standing Chairman, Trevor Roberts, was to stand down as Chair of the committee at the A.G.M. and did not wish to be considered for a place on the Committee.  The debt owed to Trevor is massive, has been spoken of on numerous previous occasions and will not be forgotten for a very long time. During the ensuing 12 months Roger and Emma stood down from the Committee and Jo Alberti and Graham Anderson have been co-opted on to the Committee.  It is appropriate to thank Emma and Roger for the time and effort they put into the Committee work, particularly Roger, having been on the Committee for many years and many of those years carrying out the duties of Treasurer.  In addition to the above named Trustees, Neil Beresford as treasurer and Barbara Lowesmith as monitoring officer have attended Committee meetings, but without voting rights.

During the course of the last 12 months the Committee have met on 5 occasions. Up until November of this year we have not had a Chairperson and I have chaired the meetings.  Joe Davis kindly agreed to act as minutes secretary.  At the November meeting Jo Alberti accepted nomination to be Chair of the Committee, Graham Anderson agreed to be Vice Chair and Joe Davis accepted the role as minute secretary on a more permanent basis.  We have averaged 6 bodies at each meeting, being a 75% success rate.  The rules governing the Village Hall allow the Committee to have up to nine members, we are presently running with 6 Trustees and although great effort has been put into attracting people onto the Committee, it has to be said, we have experienced only limited success, but feel we have quality if not quantity.

Discussed at the meetings have been all the usual things and the less usual subjects being the finalising of the payments to Postlethwaites, the potential court hearing regarding Dr. Preater from Smithy Cottage and his claim against the hall for damp into his property, the reviewing of village hall policies and two of our great successes of the year, the Royal Visit on the 9th June and the scrutinising of application and subsequent grant of £1000 to the TYP to help in running their activities.

10 years ago, when this project was first envisaged it was hoped that money would be raised in order to help local organisations.  We have only just finalised our dealings with Postlethwaites and only very recently have we known how much money we have left over, Neil will tell you much more about this.  The Committee are now discussing ways to invite and encourage applications for financial help BUT the rules governing our organisation are very specific.  Our function is to further the use of the hall, anything other than that is outside our remit and we do not have the power to use our resources in any way other than that specified.

Steph Malik is still in charge of bookings and, along with the ever willing Sylvia, also the cleaning of the hall and the ‘meeting and greeting’ of hall hirers.  We are very grateful to both ladies and thank them for their work.

Over the passed 12 months the hall has been used for a great variety of activities, the main ones being circle dancing, singing for fun, indoor bowls, children’s dance classes, pilates, first aid classes, computer classes, Rainbows, brownies and youth club. One couple even use it for ballroom dance practise.  There have been numerous excellent stage performances involving music, drama and comedy.  There have been 4 film nights, talks given by various local personalities, beetle drives and whist drives.  Outside organisations have hired the hall for conferences, meetings, parties etc. and the hall is still used on polling days.  We regularly host camping groups and during the period of this report there have been  3  wedding receptions held here.  To put this into perspective, during the last full year that the hall was open prior to commencement of the revitalisation, 278 sessions were booked in the main hall, compared with 446 sessions during the past year totalling 1187 hours.  Also during the past year the coffee shop area has been hired 51 times and the whole building has been hired out on 43 occasions.   It has always been the aim of the Management Committee to keep the hiring prices as affordable as possible, our prices do compare favourably with most other village halls especially considering the wonderful facilities on offer. The hall does have a full On licence which allows for the sale of alcohol.       

The Coffee Shop, whilst being run by a completely different Management Board, is closely associated with the hall.  It is true to say that Paulo and his oft. changing staff have enjoyed a very successful year, which is nothing more than they deserve and their reputation continues to grow.  Over the year a good number of local youngsters have been employed in the coffee shop, giving them an invaluable introduction to working life, putting a few pounds in their pockets and providing an excellent service to the coffee shop customers.

The hall has a well maintained website and thanks for this must go to Helen O’Brien who has done this for us for a number of years.

On the 9th of June 2015 the hall Management Committee played host to H.R.H. The Countess of Wessex.  This was a visit we were offered completely out of the blue, it took a little bit of organising but I believe for everyone involved it was extraordinarily successful.  The weather was glorious, the whole school attended and every hall user of that time had the opportunity to attend and be part of it.  The Countess was very attractive and gracious and made us all feel a little bit special, not to mention giving enormous publicity to the hall and the coffee shop.

On the 4th of December, 2015 the hall was flooded as a result of the previous 48 hrs of torrential rain.  Thanks to some luck and to the quick actions of Trust members and village residents the damage was kept to a minimum, having said that it has still come at a cost, in terms of money and time.  The Committee have met on three separate occasions to work our way through the situations created by the flooding.  Discussions are ongoing regarding the replacement of the hall floor, we have now devised a relatively simple flood defence system and are considering more significant defences.  The floor will be replaced and this work may put the hall out of use for anything up to month.  We must work very hard to attract back to the hall all the groups who are inconvenienced during that time. 

I think the length of my report, for which I apologise, indicates that we have had another busy year but I think it is reasonable to claim that we are now seeing the fruits of our labours.  Word has got round, the last four music events held in the hall were sell-outs.  I will close my report by reminding you all that we still have vacancies for 2 trustees, having co-opted a new Trustee just prior to this meeting.

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer’s Report Year Ending 30th September 2015

Year Ending 30 September 2015

TVHT General Fund







Income and Expenditure





For the year ended 30 September 2015







2015 Actual

2016 Budget



Coffee Shop Licence

 £    9,100


 £                   9,100




Hall Hire


 £    8,730


 £                11,000






 £        607


 £                      650






 £    2,250


 £                   2,500





 £    1,667


 £                            -




 £  22,354


 £      23,250




-£       159


-£                500




BAMS Contractor

-£    4,320


-£            4,320




Caretaking & Cleaning

-£    3,832


-£            4,000




Cleaning Materials

-£       409


-£                500





-£       225


 £                          -  





-£    3,753


-£            4,500




Equipment & Fittings

-£    1,827


-£                500






-£          56


-£                100.





-£    1,236


-£            1,250




IT Materials and Equipment

-£       388


-£                300




IT Software, Licences, Support

-£       337


-£                400




Maintenance Repairs Renewals

-£    1,015


-£            1,800





-£       120


 £                          -  






-£       165


-£                250




Office Expenses

-£          29


 £                          -  






-£       286


-£                300




Professional Fees

-£    1,355


-£                500




Subs & Licences

-£       247


-£                250




Water & Waste

-£    1,159


-£            1,600




-£ 20,918


-£     21,070






Net Surplus General Fund



 £    1,436


 £        2,180


The General Fund shows a surplus of £1,436 for the year ending September 30th 2015. Lettings income was somewhat lower than we had anticipated. Renewable energy payments (FITS and RHI) at £2,857 were satisfactory, and contributed substantially towards covering our electricity costs of £3,753.

Without the donations received of £1,667 (the majority from the Coffee Shop) the Hall would have made a small loss.

The budget for 2015-16 is shown alongside for comparison. It proposes a slight improvement on the previous year’s surplus. Costs are about the same but income is a little higher. Although it includes the Coffee Shop Licence payments, it does not include any amount arising from a Coffee Shop Trading surplus or any other donations.


Project Fund

TVHT Project Fund



 Income and Expenditure


 For the year ended 30 September 2015




 Donations and Grants

 £    3,625


 HMRC Gift Aid Refund

 £        113


 £    3,738




 Equipment & Fittings Project

-£       495


 Surplus on Project Fund

 £    3,243


There was very little activity on the Project Fund during the year. The final Lottery grant income was received giving a surplus of £3,243 in the year. The final invoice from Postlethwaite, the main contractor on the scheme, had not been received by the year end and remained an unquantified liability.






At 30/10/2015



General a/c

 £    9,616


Deposit a/c

 £        352


Project a/c

 £  17,805


EDF prepayment

 £        549


Unpaid Cheque

-£          50


Available Cash at Bank 30/10/15

 £  28,272


Cash Flow




 Opening Bank all accounts

 £  23,106


 General a/c Trading Surplus

 £    1,434


 Project a/c Surplus

 £    3,244


 Previous Year VAT paid in the year

-£       104


 Unpaid VAT at Y/E still in bank

 £        592


 Closing Book Cash

 £  28,272


At the close of the year the Trust had £28,272 available, compared to £23,106 at the start of the year. The Cash Flow sheet shows the reasons for the movement.

Independent Examination

The Accounts have been subjected to an Independent Examination by Amanda Leader ACA.


Post Year-End Events

A Donation from the Coffee Shop of £21,719 was received in October 2015, and was transferred into the Project Account, to give a balance on the account of £39,525.

The final invoice from Postlethwaite for the Hall Refurbishment has been received and is agreed at £34,841 plus VAT. This was paid in November 2015, leaving the Trust a balance of £4,683 at Project closure.


In the year 2015-16 our insurance premium has been increased and is £500 more than planned. This has arisen as a result of our claims connected with Smithy Cottage and also the flooding of the Hall in December 2015. Additionally there are insurance excesses totalling £500 to be paid in respect of these claims. This results in £1,000 of unplanned cost for 2015-16.

There are likely to be further unplanned costs arising from our experience of the December storm, in order to mitigate the impact of future flooding events. As yet these are unquantified.



N. Beresford


07 January 2016


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