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Coffee Shop Donates £5,000 to Village Hall Trust

As a Community Interest Company owned by the Village Hall Trust, the Coffee Shop passes all its profit to the Trust for the upkeep and development of the village hall, and for their support of local organisations. A cheque for £5,000 was presented to the trustees of the village hall at the end of August, representing the profit made during the last financial year. This is on top of the almost £12,000 in rent paid for the use of the facility, the direct sponsorships made towards village institutions such as the Cricket Club and the school, and preference for local suppliers and employment of local staff where possible.

The last year has been a tough one for the coffee shop, but it continues to be profitable and make a positive contribution to the local economy and community. The main issue has been the closure of the old railway line which has significantly reduced the number of customers, especially families walking or cycling from Keswick during the school holidays. However, the numbers of people from the village, hardier walkers, cyclists and those visiting by car have held up, providing a stable base of customers. The recent re-opening of a section of the railway line has helped: however, it is likely to be several years until the path is fully re-opened and customer numbers return to their previous levels.

On behalf of the Village Hall Trust, Jo Alberti, Chairman of the Trustees, thanked the Coffee Shop for their efforts during the year. “This will allow us to maintain the Village Hall to the high standard that our users expect” said Jo. “We will be able to support village activities and projects which are of public benefit to people who live in the Threlkeld area, in particular the Youth Club.”

Please support the Coffee Shop by visiting frequently! Remember, all profit goes back into the village. Thank you.

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