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Pilates and Corrective Alignment.

Repeats every week every Thursday until Fri Feb 14 2020 except Thu Dec 12 2019.
31 Oct 2019 - 11:30 to 12:30

60 minute sessions. Pilates teaches a unique method of body control and conditioning- stretching and strengthening the muscles, while improving flexibility and balance. The class here is for people of varying standard, beginners welcome, and will be focusing on osteoporosis prevention and treatment by loaded movement.

Jackii Ball is a certified Restorative Exercise Specialist and a qualified and experienced teacher of Pilates who runs various classes in Cumbria. £8 per session or £49 for a block booking of 7 weeks. Pay at the session or in advance. Telephone Jackii on 017687 74274 / 07872612673 or email

What to bring: - Bring a bottle of water to sip through the class, a mat (yoga style), and a towel. I do have a few spare mats if you don't have one. I have all the other props and equipment. Wear comfortable clothes that you can sit, lie and move in, no jeans or non-stretchy fabrics that restrict movement especially at the knees, hips and waist. There is a changing room available to use. If you tend to be cold bring a warm extra top layer. Barefoot is the optimal attire for feet, but you can wear socks if you get cold feet easily. We will be doing exercises to improve foot mobility! I also have foam half-domes for sale if you would like one for personal use.


What to expect: - All my classes include an aspect of correct body alignment, or "posture" as you may think of it at the moment, but true alignment is far more than what we look like. Biomechanical alignment for the body is all about how things work and how to optimise all components of the body; muscles, joints, bones, nerves and everything in-between (that includes blood vessels) for best function and longevity of each working part. My work is based on the concept that we are our trillions of cells, not just separate parts held together at the joints and that small corrective adjustments have great effects. The (corrective) exercises will feel like stretches with smallish movements and they are also to be taken home and into the workplace. There are other things that can be done beyond the class in and around your home to make more movement part of your everyday life. I do a lot of talking throughout the class to explain as much of the "what and why" as possible. The movements and attention to detail also benefit the mind, brain-body connection, we do aim for an all inclusive workout.


Companion Books: -If you wanted a book to go along with the class I would recommend, for an in-depth study of what is happening to our bodies due to sedentary lifestyles, and what to do about it,  Move Your DNA: Restore Your Health Through Natural Movement  by Katy Bowman. For people in their golden years, Dynamic Ageing also by Katy Bowman.


Other things to note on the venue: - Threlkeld Village Hall

Parking is available behind the hall, or in the dead-end road on the Keswick side of the hall. Enjoy your lunch after the class at the superb cafe.

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