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Village Hall Trust AGM 2015

Threlkeld Village Hall Trust A.G.M.

Thursday, 29th January, 2015.

Minutes  of  Meeting

1)  The Chairman, Trevor Roberts, opened the meeting by welcoming everyone, in particular a couple who were visiting, from Canada.  Apologies were received from Emma Weir, Steph Malik, Tara Booth, Sally Fielding, Moira Suringar and Barbara Lowesmith.

2)  Copies of the minutes of the previous AGM had been prepared and distributed for anyone to read.  Comments or questions were invited, there were none and the minutes were accepted as a true record of that meeting.

3) The Secretary gave a brief introduction to the Annual Report for 2013/2014, copies of which had been distributed about the room.  There were no questions on the content of the report.  The Secretary then gave his report in which he started by explaining the new composition of the Trust Management Committee concerning the appointed members from the P.C., the T.A.A. and the T.Y.P.  He advised the meeting that there had been significant changes in personnel on the Committee.  He thanked all who had served on the Committee but made particular mention of Donald Angus and Carolyn Cripps.  The Secretary gave a brief resume of the matters discussed at the meetings.  He explained the presence of, and importance of, the monitoring officer, presently Barbara Lowesmith.  He explained that there had been numerous set-backs during the revitalisation of the hall but that in terms of the actual building and contents, we were almost there.  He advised the meeting of the work done initially by Annette Howe and now by Steph Malik, as Bookings and Marketing Officer, the continued input by Sylvia Tuer as cleaner/caretaker/meeter and greeter and the in-house maintenance work completed mainly by John Knifton.  He stated that since the hall had re-opened it, or part of it,had been hifred out on average 24 hrs per week.  He closed his report by telling the meeting that the revitalisation work had cost approximately £650,000 and the Committee still had to find approximately £15,000.  There was still work to do.  A question from the floor was “Did our monitoring efforts satisfy those for whom they were carried out”  The Chairman answered that as far as we knew our efforts had been well received.  The Secretary was able to add that he had met with one of the organisations and could report 1st hand that they were very pleased with what we were doing.

The Secretaries report was accepted and the Annual Report unanimously adopted.

4)  The Treasurer outlined the background to the year, with the Hall being closed for refurbishment until March 2014, followed by a 6 month period of rebuilding the user base of the Hall.

The overall turnover for the year was exceptionally high, due to the spend on the refurbishment, whilst income from letting was relatively modest.

Normally the Trust produces cash based Payment and Receipts accounts, but once turnover exceeds £250,000 the Charity Commission require that Accrual Accounts are produced. These involve creating a balance sheet and capitalising certain elements of expenditure. In the Treasurer’s view they are not helpful in understanding the financial position of the Trust.

Additionally, in the current year 2014-15 the Trust’s turnover will fall back below the limit and we will revert to our normal Payment and Receipts accounts, and 2013-14 will be an exception.

The Accrual accounts for 2013-14 are available in the Trust’s Annual Report on view at the meeting and eventually on line, but for better clarity at the meeting, and continuity of presentation the Treasurer focussed on the Payments and Receipts version of the accounts.

General Account

A large proportion of money through the account consisted of grants in support of the Hall reopening, which are matched by purchases of equipment, furniture and services.

Letting income built up slowly in the second half of year and discounted pricing was used to attract users back to the Hall

Total income was £36,035, of which ‘normal’ income of £4,890 was from letting the Hall and £3,790 rent from the Coffee Shop.

The remaining income was from grants and donations.

Expenditure was £38,010, of which upkeep and administration was £13, 430, equipment and fittings purchases were £17,890, other costs £3,890 and grants made were £2,800.

This generated a deficit of £1,975 in the year and a closing Cash balance on the General account was £5,650.

Project Account

During the year expenditure on the Project was £436,349, with grant income received (and refunded VAT) totalling £403,834.

Closing Cash balance was £17,458 and this equates approximately to the amount of the retention on the main Contractors account to be paid in March 2015.

Additionally, discussions are due on the Contractor’s final account to cover extras and modifications. This has not yet been received. A further £3,000 income is due from the Big Lottery, but there is likely to be a substantial funding gap on the account and the Trust will need to focus on generating further funds.

Overall income on the General Account for the first 3 months of this year ie 1st October, 2014 to 31st December, 2014 was £5,970 and expenses of £5,428 leaving a small surplus of £542.

Lettings income continues to grow, and is now running at a rate of around £8,000 pa. Our short term goal is an annual lettings income of £12,000, excluding the Coffee Shop rent.

There was almost no income or expenditure on the Project account, but there was a cash transfer from the Project to General Fund to balance VAT payments made.

The cash position at 31/12/2014 was

General Fund £ 8,862

Project Fund £14,759

Total Cash £23,621

5)  In closing, the Treasurer asked the meeting to authorise the Trustees to retain the services of accountants Dodd and Co.  The meeting unanimously accepted the Treasurer’s report and approved the retention of Dodd and Co..  Neil was thanked for his report and his work.  

6)  The Chairman advised the meeting that, in accordance with the rules governing the Village Hall, three trustees had already been appointed by their respective bodies, ie the Parish Council, the TYP and the TAA.  Three others had already been nominated and seconded in accordance with the res, these nominations were Saima Afzal, Joe Davis and Steven Oldfield.  As these three were the only ones correctly nominated, the meeting was asked to approve these nominations, which it did.  The Chairman advised the meeting that he was now standing down as Chairman of the Trust Management Committee and was not prepared to allow his name to be put forward as a co-optee.

7)  The Chairman's report was given by Trevor Roberts, his last as Chairman of the Village Hall Committee, a post he has held since 2007.  

He returned to the point he made at the end of the last AGM - to deliver on the community regeneration which the Village Hall project was all about, as well as the top class facilities we need two other things - an organisational structure and people to do the organising.

He described the key blocks of the organisational structure - the Village Hall Trust Management Committee (a registered charity) to manage the building; the Threlkeld Activities Association and Threlkeld Young People (unincorporated associations with clear constitutions and financial arrangements) responsible for running most community activities in the Hall; and the Threlkeld Coffee Shop (a Community Interest Company independent of but owned by the VHT) generating the long term financial underpinning needed for the Village Hall and community activities/services. This is a very robust organisational structure.

He then named the individuals now involved in running these organisations, an impressive list of volunteers,  emphasising how there had been a response to his appeal last year for more people to come forward and help organise things. The TAA and TYP both have strong groups in charge and are functioning well. The Village Hall Trust Management Committee has recruited some new people to replace stalwarts who have stood down; it now needs three extra people so that responsibility and work involved in managing the Hall can be more widely shared and also a new leadership team developed. The Coffee Shop Board needs 2-3 more people, local people with some business skills/experience, to bring in new ideas and ensure there is a handover of responsibility for this highly successful enterprise.  

He thanked the many people who have assisted him over the years; and wished the Village Hall, the Trust Management Committee and his successor well for the future.

8)  There were no further questions.

9)  No Special Resolutions had been notified.

Prior to the closing of the meeting the Secretary stated that he felt it was appropriate to point out to those present the huge debt that was owed to Trevor Roberts for his leadership, know-how, hard work and determination without which our ‘new’ hall wouldn’t exist.  He also pointed out the sacrifices made by Trevor’s wife, Jane, over 8 years and the support she had given him.

The meeting closed at 8.45pm followed by drinks, nibbles and a very enjoyable and informative presentation given by local man Steve Birkinshaw, on how he ran the 214 Wainwrights in a record breaking sub. 7 days in June, 2014.

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