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Village Hall Trust meeting - August 15



Present: Trustees: Steven Oldfield, Joe Davis, Moira Suringar, Saima Afzal. No apologies for absence.

                 In attendance: Neil Beresford – apologies Barbara Lowesmith.

  1. Steven Oldfield agreed to chair the meeting and Joe Davis agreed to take a record of the meeting.
  2. To co-opt two new members onto the committee.  Graham Anderson and Jo Alberti were proposed by Steven Oldfield and seconded by Joe Davis. The vote in favour was unanimous.


Present: As above but including Graham Anderson, Jo Alberti and Barbara Lowesmith (8.10pm). Saima Afzal left at 8.50pm.

  1. Again Steven Oldfield agreed to chair the meeting and Joe Davis agreed to take the minutes.
  2. The minutes of the last ordinary meeting were agreed upon and there were no matters arising.
  3. There were no volunteers for a permanent Chair (or Vice Chair) Person.
  4. Setting up of a process for considering applications to the VHT for financial assistance in the way of a grant or loan.                                                                                                   

           Neil Beresford summarised the relationship between the Trust and the Coffee Shop.

  • The Trust is the sole shareholder of the CIC – it delegates the operation of the business to a Board of Directors.
  • The CIC is effectively a limited company and any financial surplus must be applied to the general good of the village; it's priority is to further the charitable aims of the Trust.
  • Tax implications - if the surplus is given to the Trust, ie the CIC makes no profit, then it pays no tax.                             

Neil Beresford then outlined the Village Hall's latest cash position and decisions which have to be made.

  • Postlethwaites still haven't sent in a final bill.
  • Hopefully, once that has been finally settled, the account will show a surplus.
  • What level of reserves should we maintain?
  • Are we prepared to consider distributing funds before settling our debts fully? If so, how much? Who are the possible likely applicants and how do we elicit applications? Do we use the proposed application form? Do we set up a committee of Trustees plus two nominees from the CIC to approve applications?
  • The one known group likely to need financial support in the near future is the Youth Group.

After a prolonged discussion, the following proposals were made:-

  • Despite concern over how much money is available, there is room for some support for the Youth Group.
  • Steven Oldfield to phone Emma Moody to discuss putting in an application using the suggested application form – for consideration at the next Trust Management Committee meeting on 7th September.
  • The application to be the 1st item on the agenda with 2 members of the CIC invited to be involved in the decision.
  • Future applications from individuals/groups within the village to be elicited as a result of information being published in "Beneath Blencathra". (Once our financial position finalised).
  • In future, a joint committee consisting of nominees from the Trustee's committee and the CIC will be established to make decisions on applications.

The meeting closed at 9.45pm


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