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Village Hall Trust meeting - July 16



Present: Trustees: Jo Alberti, Steven Oldfield, Joe Davis, Moira Suringar, Graham Anderson, Dot Benson, Anne Ireby.      In attendance: Neil Beresford, Barbara Lowesmith.  

1. Apologies – Saima Afzal. 

2. The minutes of the last ordinary meeting were accepted.

3. Matters arising. Kitchen cleaning/equipment (item 11). Dot Benson reported that the large pans and trays from the old Hall were missing but she was willing to be responsible for the purchase of new ones. Jo Alberti has partially cleaned the oven and DB will purchase special liners for the bottom of the oven. Steven Oldfield was concerned about the limited amount of cutlery /crockery but the general feeling was that this wasn't a problem – hirers are advised by Steph of places to hire additional/better items.  

4. Treasurer's Report. Neil Beresford presented the latest report. The account to the end of June 2016 (9 months) shows an operating surplus of £2,646 and an overall deficit (due to the Final Project Payment) of £12,900. Total income remains ahead of budget, and costs are being well controlled. In the quarter April to June there was a small operating loss of £35. This was largely as a result of no RHI (renewable heat incentive) income being received in the quarter. This is a timing  issue and around £500 has been received in July. Hall letting income continues to be ahead of budget, and is £2,300 (35%) ahead of last year at this time. We should end the year with a reasonable surplus.

5. T.A.A. Report. Moira Suringar reported that the finances were healthy. Several successful events have taken place recently although attempts to get 'keep fit' going have failed. The T.A.A. needs to start thinking about next year's program. Barbara Lowesmith reported that new 'Threlkeld Walks' leaflets were now available as are packs of notecards. JA thanked MS and BL for their hard work. 

6. T.Y.P. Report. Jo Alberti reported that Emma Moody has indicated that all is going well. In the region of 40 youngsters are involved. 2 Youth Workers have been appointed for 1 year using our donated money. 

7. Health and Safety. Steven Oldfield and Graham Anderson are continuing to carry out regular checks on the Hall. 

8. Repairs and Improvements. Steven Oldfield reported on a range of issues:-  

* Craig Beatty has agreed to sort out the problem of jackdaws in the roof space. 

* The resurfacing of the car park has been completed – looking good!

* An estimate for decorating, including materials, has been received from North Lakes Decorators. It seems reasonable and they have indicated that they can do the various jobs quickly including working at night. It was agreed to stick to the same colour scheme as at the moment, with the wooden strip the same colour as the walls. The finish should be an eggshell paint which is washable – the painter to provide samples. Probably better for the Hall floor to be sorted out first before the Hall itself is decorated. Does the Coffee Shop need to be painted soon?  

* John Knifton has fixed the 2 emergency back up lights which had failed. 

* Graham Anderson was thanked for his work on the flower boxes which are looking great. 

* SO and GA have been looking at/working on the guttering.

* It was agreed to support NB's proposal to purchase an Uninterruptable Power Supply for the computer system to avoid the problems caused by short term power interruptions. The UPS will support the computer for about 15 minutes.  

* NB reported that he had received a quotation for a maintenance contract on the LocTec electronic door control system. It was very expensive and since there had been few problems with the system it was agreed not to take out a maintenance contract. Individual problems could be dealt with as and when they occur. GA to work with NB on this.  

9. Update on the floor. Moira Suringar reported that things were going along slowly! It has finally been established that there will be no cost in cancelling the Boen order. The feeling was to still push for a new floor rather than sanding. Aviva might be prepared to finance a Junkers floor but without a new sub-floor. GA felt that the present sub-floor may have moved because, in his view, the floor isn't level. The proposal was to accept a new floor as long as it comes with a guarantee and is level! The work should be carried out by contractors approved by Junkers.     

10.Flood resilience update. Steven Oldfield reported back on a meeting with a representative from a Cockermouth firm. Three possible suggestions were a) do away with the folding doors and replace them with flood resistant doors b) a trough with rising doors c) a trough with a grate and possibly a pump. NB proposed an industrial style drain on the roadside outside the entrance extending some way down the side of the Hall, but would need to contact the Highways Authority. This was agreed.

11.A.V. equipment. Barbara Lowesmith discussed a quotation from Soundsmith Audio Visual Services and her understanding of what they were proposing. The general feeling was to go ahead with the proposal, including extra speakers, but to make the system as 'idiot proof' as possible. A detailed description of how everything works together with

drawings is essential.The rack storage system should have 2 doors; one, which is accessible to all, for the DVD player and the other, kept locked, for storing the other equipment. 

12.Big Lottery representative. Jo Alberti agreed to receive any e-mails from the Lottery. SO to inform Trevor Roberts.

13.Meeting with the Coffee Shop Board. JA, SO and NB will represent the Trust at the meeting on 25th July with the aim of improving the communication between the owners (the Trust) and the directors of the Coffee Shop.


* JA reported that she had received an e-mail from Kath Johnson updating the information on the Railway line and other possible routes. She wants to meet with Jo and Trevor Roberts in the near future.

* The date of the next meeting is Wednesday, 28th Sept. 

The meeting closed at 9.15pm.                                                                                                                                                                         

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