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Village Hall Trust meeting - June 16



Present: Trustees: Jo Alberti, Steven Oldfield, Joe Davis, Moira Suringar, Graham Anderson, Dot Benson.      In attendance: Neil Beresford, Barbara Lowesmith. 

  1. Apologies – Saima Afzal, Anne Ireby.
  2. The minutes of the last ordinary meeting were accepted.
  3. Matters arising. Item 4 - JA to discuss further with Steph Malik concerns about after event problems. The mobile phone number is now on the website. NB has found only one occasion when there was a software problem causing door opening problems – generally the system works well when the cards are used properly. Item 9 – John Knifton has now fitted finger safety devices on doors where necessary.
  4. Treasurer's Report. Neil Beresford presented the latest report. Generally things are going well and a small surplus is building up although Steph is asking for fairly large deposits so the actual Hall Hire income may be closer to the budget prediction than it looks at the moment. The invoice for the new staging legs hasn't arrived yet. JA again thanked Steph for her hard work.
  5. T.A.A. Report. Moira Suringar reported that the program on offer was similar to that of last year and that, overall, the events were covering costs and in fact creating a small surplus. A meeting of the group is scheduled for Wednesday evening. Barbara Lowesmith is hoping to get an aerobics exercise class going and asked for ideas for any new live shows. Dot Benson again requested some Country Music.
  6. T.Y.P. Report. Jo Alberti reported that Emma Moody has been offered a Wi kit and was seeking to store it in the AV cupboard. As we are still waiting for the Hall floor to be repaired/replaced, which may entail the AV cupboard undergoing significant alteration, the general feeling was that she should go ahead for the time being but this may have to be reconsidered subsequently. The Youth Group have also been offered a miniature football set but are holding back at the moment because of storage problems. The Committee felt it unlikely we would be able to help with this
  7. Health and Safety. Steven Oldfield reported that several years ago a Health and Safety expert gave advice to the Hall committee and also helped to write an updated H&S policy for the new Hall. A fire expert has since contributed to the policy together with additions by Steven himself. At the moment SO and Graham Anderson carry out regular  checks on the Hall whilst conducting weekly fire alarm checks.
  8. Application for funding from Rainbows and Brownies. Jo Alberti presented an application from Saima Afzal for financial support to enable the groups to continue to operate in the Village Hall. The total estimated cost was £1830 of which the VHT was asked to contribute £350. SO proposed that we should support the request, this was seconded by GA  and agreed by all. In principle, the VHT also agreed to support future similar requests.  
  9. Hall floor update. Moira Suringar reported that the surveyor appointed by the insurers appears to be accepting the go ahead with the Boen floor, which we have ordered and therefore have a liability to purchase, but she can't get anything definite! MS to write a formal letter to the insurers pointing out that a 6 month delay isn't acceptable. Also, for £100, Allied Westminster can provide a proper estimate of rebuilding costs which would be useful in getting a better idea of insurance levels. It was agreed that, after consulting with SO and NB, MS should go ahead with contacting the company.
  10. Flood resilience update. Steven Oldfield reported that the Local Authority, Penrith, is prepared to offer a grant towards flood resilience, but there are problems with our proposal. Their suggestion of a self-closing waterproof gate was generally not popular with the Committee. The decision was to apply for a £500 grant to get advice from an expert.
  11. Cleaning (kitchen, coffee shop, general). Barbara Lowesmith raised a variety of concerns.
  • Lack of materials/equipment in the kitchen. NB pointed out that Sylvia has been given the responsibility for replenishing materials. DB said that the 'old' hall had a number of large pans, oven trays etc. and would check with Sylvia where these items may be.
  • There was a concern that sometimes the Coffee Shop was not suitably cleaned in time for evening hirings.The question then arose of whether the Coffee Shop area was being hired out so early in an evening that the staff were not given time to clean up properly. NB pointed out that the 'rule' was that the C/S shouldn't be hired out before 6.00pm and perhaps this 'rule' wasn't being enforced. It was accepted that the Youth Club came in before that time but an arrangement was in place to accommodate this.
  • It was asked if it was unrealistic to ask hirers of the Hall for private events such as weddings to clean up after the event. NB pointed out that a cleaning package is available as an extra and also that the deposit could be used to pay for cleaning.
  • DB raised the issue of whether 1/4hr (free) was enough time to allow for clearing up. It was stated that it was up to the hirers to 'buy' sufficient time to carry out their activity AND clean up after themselves, the ¼ hr. was allowed simply as a goodwill gesture. NB felt that it was important for a trustee to be in charge of the whole cleaning/clearing up problem and it was agreed that DB should take on this role and liaise closely with both Sylvia and Steph.
  • Washing/painting walls. JA to ask Steph if she is prepared to wash the corridor walls (with pay) prior to getting them repainted. Similarly DB to ask Sylvia about the kitchen walls and all the equipment in the kitchen.
  • 'Deep cleaning day'. MS suggested getting in professional cleaners for floors, walls etc. Met with general agreement but no date set. 
  1. Donations by Coffee Shop. BL raised the issue of a recent donation to a play area on the Quarry side and felt that it would have been polite for the Trustees to have had some involvement. NB suggested that there should be greater links between the Trustees and the Coffee Shop, for example regular meetings involving the Officers of the Trustees. JA to raise the issue in the proposed meeting mentioned in item 11.
  2. Marketing. Barbara Lowesmith agreed to take responsibility for the V.H. website, to liaise closely with Helen O'Brien and keep the items on the website current - any new ideas very welcome! BL has put 3 events on the 'Your guide to the Lake District' website but was then informed that there was a charge of £35 each! The Coffee Shop and the use of the Hall as a venue could be promoted on their website at a cost of £150 a year. This was agreed and BL to inform Steph and Paulo. NB informed the group that Steph has details of a camping website.
  3. A.O.B. None.   
  4. Date of next meeting. Monday 18th July at 7.30p

                                                                                                                                                                                  The meeting closed at 9.20pm.

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