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Village Hall Trust meeting - March 17



Present: Trustees: Jo Alberti, Steven Oldfield, Graham Anderson, Joe Davis, Dot Benson.          In attendance:  Neil Beresford, Barbara Lowesmith, Adam Bazire.  

  1. Apologies – Moira Suringar.
  2. The minutes of the last ordinary meeting were accepted.
  3. Matters arising.
  • No new developments on the railway path – as far as we know, no response yet from the County Council to the Parish Council.
  • The new AV system is now up and running – thanks to Graham Anderson.
  • New stage steps have been purchased.
  • The whole floor is to be sanded on 18th – 20th April.
  • Debbie will be writing a piece about the Coffee Shop for Beneath Blencathra -  should be in the April publication.
  • It was agreed that there wasn't a need for a Hall Trustee to be on the Coffee Board.
  1. Coffee Shop Matters.
  • Adam Bazire, Chairman of the Coffee Shop Board, updated the Trustees on the operation and financial performance of the Coffee Shop. Profitability is lower than in the previous year and the Trustees were given a clear analysis of the main causes. It is clear that the Coffee Shop is unlikely to be able to make such a substantial contribution to the Trust at the year end as in the previous year. Adam was thanked for the clear explanation, and the Trustees supported the Board and Management in their efforts to improve results.
  • Dot Benson suggested table numbers to help when large numbers of customers.
  • Steven Oldfield again pointed out that the Coffee Shop had a very good reputation in the area. The recent special events had proved popular.
  1. Treasurer's Report.  Neil Beresford presented the Hall accounts for the 5 months to the end of February '17 together with a half year forecast. The Consolidated Accounts show a surplus of £2,003 for the first 5 months, with cash available of £22,006. The Operations Account shows a deficit of £2,173 for the first 5 months. Income from Hall Hire is lower than the previous year, by about 20%. The main costs that are running higher than expected are Insurance and Subscriptions and Licenses. The Projects Account shows a surplus of £4,178 for the first 5 months. Whilst we should be somewhat concerned by the operating deficit, the overall position is still satisfactory.
  2. T.A.A. Report.   Barbara Lowesmith reported that the finances were healthier than anticipated! All recent events have made a profit. BL was congratulated by Jo Alberti for her superb marketing skills!
  3. T.Y.P. Report. JA has spoken to Emma Moody and again things seem to be going well. There are insurance concerns – it appears that items stored in the outside shed aren't covered by the Hall insurance. Moira Suringar is working on this. BL expressed concerns over the use of footballs in the Hall – JA to speak with Emma.
  4. Application for grant – T.Y.P. The Management Committee unanimously voted to support the application by the T.Y.P. for a grant of £1,000. Neil Beresford suggested that a proper set of accounts would be helpful in the future.
  5. Health and Safety / Fire Safety Inspection. SO and GA are continuing to carry out weekly fire safety checks. A Fire Safety Officer, who visited the Hall a month ago, was very happy with the present situation. JA thanked them both.
  6. Maintenance and Upkeep. SO updated the committee on the following issues:-
  • A new washing machine is now in the kitchen.
  • The freezer from the kitchen has now been moved up into the office.
  • The emergency lighting was checked by Beacon who reported that 11 of the lights wouldn't last the required time and needed new batteries at around £80 each. Have we got too many? - perhaps we only need 4?
  • The glass panels around the Coffee Shop veranda have now been realigned.
  • A new storage cupboard, mainly for the round tables, has been ordered  and will go on the back wall of the alcove in the Coffee Shop.
  • The painters are coming in to paint the Hall on the 29th, 30th and 31st of March.
  • GA has organised the sanding of the Hall floor and this will be carried out on 18th – 20th April .
  • The curtains over the fire doors have been taken down and are now to be put up over the doors between the Hall and the Coffee Shop.
  • The AV system is now up and running – many thanks to GA.
  • The gutters have again been cleared by SO and GA.
  • An outside light for the car park has now been installed.
  • John Knifton was once again thanked for all his hard work.
  • BL has been looking at a scrubber/drier for all the floors in the building and has recommended a small commercial one costing around £1,000. She will organise a demonstration. Possible storage issues? GA has asked the flooring company about cleaning – awaiting a reply.
  • JA reported on cleaning problems during Sylvia's absence – no response to advert for cleaner!
  • Some concern was expressed about the increasing number of items, for example musical instruments, being left in the upstairs office for storage.
  1. Safeguarding. Joe Davis reported that back in December Sport England, who contributed to the funding of the Hall refurbishment, wrote to us reminding us to ensure that our safeguarding policies and practices were up to date, fit for purpose and carried out in practice. This was in response to the recent historic abuse cases in sport, particularly in football at clubs running youth training schemes. Our Child and Vulnerable Adults Safeguarding policy is pretty much up to date because it was only last April that it was rewritten. At that time Saima Afzal and Emma Moody gave assurances that they always make sure that all adults who might possibly be involved in our youth activities had the appropriate DBS clearance. Steph Malik also gave assurances that all people booking the Hall are made aware of our safeguarding policy.
  2. Entries in BB re parking. JA reported that she was aware of occasional parking issues generally caused by individuals unaware of problems such as buses having to get through. JA to discuss with Rachael from the Parish Council.
  3.  A.O.B. None.  

       The meeting closed at 6.50pm.                                                                                                                                                   

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