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Village Hall Trust meeting - May 15

Threlkeld Village Hall Trust Management Committee Meeting

At the Village Hall – 21st May 2015 7.30pm

Present:   Trustees: Steven Oldfield, Joe Davis, Roger Bragg, Emma Weir (7.55pm)

                   In Attendance: Neil Beresford, Barbara Lowesmith

      Apologies received: Moira Suringar, Saima Afzal 

1.    Steven Oldfield agreed to chair the meeting.

2.    Joe Davis agreed to take a record of the meeting and to produce minutes.

3.    Apologies for absence were received from Moira Suringar and Saima Afzal.

4.    The meeting approved the minutes of the last meeting of the TMC held on 12th March 2015.

5.    There were no matters arising from the above.

6,7.There were no volunteers for the posts of Chair and Vice Chair. Neil Beresford pointed out that the work is falling on just a few people but things are running smoothly at the moment. Could be problems in the future – hopefully more will join the committee before long.

8.    Neil Beresford has circulated the latest Financial Report to the end of March, 2015. There was a deficit of £1253 but some fees have been taken from the first half of the year which cover the whole year so the finances should get better. Future bookings are looking fairly positive but more weddings and/or camping events would help to make things profitable. The Coffee Shop made a profit in the year ending 31st March ’15 and an agreed transfer of funds to the TMC will take place in the near future.
Hopefully a budget for next year will be drawn up before the next meeting.

9.    Barbara Lowesmith reported on the TAA. Since January there have been six events resulting in an overall profit. A defibrillator has been fitted on the wall by the main door. Health and Fitness funding is available – the purchase of two bowling mats and equipment for the Rainbow and Youth Clubs has been agreed. Main problem is storage. A small outside shed with a flagstone base is a possibility funded by the TAA or the VHT. Need to check on planning permission – BL to phone the council.

10.  Emma Weir reported on the TYP. There are enough funds to run to the end of the calendar year but there is a need to reduce staff by one. More child protection checks needed. EW expressed concern about the cost of hiring the Hall for use by local children. During the ensuing discussion, it was again pointed out that the previously agreed local rate was almost half the standard rate and that charges had to be made in order to ensure the viability of the Hall. The TYP could ask for a grant from the VHT.

11.  It was agreed that Joe Davis should take on the role of New Bank Signatory.

12.  Sub Group Reports:-

        Premises – Issues raised in Steven Oldfield’s report were discussed. The Coffee Shop Committee to look into slate floor problems.

        Lettings and Marketing – nothing to report.

        Finance, Legal and Compliance – Smithy  Cottage. There is a County Court judgement against the VHT. Details have been sent to our insurers to deal with and an application against the judgement has been sent to the Court.

13.  Review of VH policies (Conflict of Interest, Environment and Equal Opportunities). These were all accepted as they stand.

14.  Fire Alarm Procedures. Every week, Steven Oldfield checks all fire alarms, extinguishers and general equipment. Instructions on how to deal with problems such as smoke, the alarm going off etc are available near the main door and a demonstration was given. The Muster Point is the entrance to the car park.

15.  A.O.B.

        i)  Selling papers – the Coffee Shop Committee decided against the idea.

        ii) Visit of Sophie, Countess of Wessex, on 9th June. She will arrive by helicopter/car at 11.55am and leave at 12.40pm. She will be met by school children, then introduced to Coffee Shop staff, members of the Hall Committee and representatives of the various groups whilst having something to eat and drink.  She will then go into the Hall where the Circle dancers will be performing before being waved off by the school children.

16.  The meeting closed at 9.45pm.

Next Meeting 7th September 2015 at 7.30pm

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