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Village Hall Trust meeting - May 17



Present: Trustees: Jo Alberti, Steven Oldfield, Joe Davis, Dot Benson.                                             In attendance: Barbara Lowesmith, Adam Bazire (early part only).  

  1. Apologies – Graham Anderson, Saima Afzal, Neil Beresford.
  2. The minutes of the last ordinary meeting were accepted.
  3. Matters arising.
  • Jo Alberti to see Emma Moody re insurance issues. Assurances have been given that only light footballs are used in the Hall. Hopefully all balls are non-marking – newly painted walls!
  • Steven Oldfield reported that the number of emergency lights is to be reduced. Problems over batteries are still ongoing.
  • Barbara Lowesmith reported that she is still waiting for a date for a demonstration of a possible floor scrubber/drier.
  • JA reported that concerns over parking problems at big events are still unresolved. Do we need to inform the Parish Council of such events? Perhaps we should send them an annual program of events and email them about large ad-hoc events such as weddings. What can they do? Requests to park at the cricket ground would go unheeded. Perhaps cones could be put on the corner at the junction with Blease Road.
  1. Coffee Shop Matters.
  • Adam Bazire, Chairman of the Coffee Shop Board, reported that Fiona finished today and that Jonathan Denny, our present Saturday Barista, has been appointed as Manager starting next Monday.
  • SO commented that the opening of the Brundholme Woods road to walkers should increase custom.
  • BL suggested the possibility of producing brochures highlighting the new route and giving them to the Keswick bike shops.
  1. Treasurer's Report.  Neil Beresford had prepared a report of the accounts for the first 6 months 2016-17. The main points are as follows:-
  • The Trust made an operating loss of £1,058 in the first 6 months (£1,393 surplus last year)
  • Income is £800 lower and costs are £1,600 higher.
  • Hall hire income is about £1,000 less for the first half of this year compared to the same period last year.
  • Maintenance costs are around £800 more than the same period last year.
  • We are now paying rates on the building.
  • PRS Music Licence has increased significantly.
  • The Trust has received £10,252 in Donations and Grants, and spent £5,890 of this income on various projects.
  • The bank stands at £23,717, up from £19,734 at the start of the year.
  • Some discussion took place about contacting the U3A about the availability of the Hall.
  1. T.A.A. Report. Barbara Lowesmith reported that all events were making a profit. She is hoping to put on a drama later in the year directed by a member of the Theatre by the Lake. JA congratulated the T.A.A. on its success. Dot Benson suggested advertising events on Radio Cumbria.
  2. T.Y.P. Report. JA reported that everything was going well. The extension to the storage shed looks like going ahead – the Parish Council has contributed to the funding.
  3. Maintenance Update. SO updated the committee on the following issues:-
  • The Hall has been painted. Thanks to those who helped clear the Hall and then replace items such as curtains, notices etc.
  • The floor has been sanded and re-varnished.
  • The new cupboard in the Coffee Shop has been completed and several walls repainted.
  • The problem with the flood barriers has been resolved.
  • Craig Beaty is maintaining the car park.
  1. Houses of Parliament letter. SO read out a letter from the Speaker of the House saying that the UK Parliament was planning a week of activities in November and asking whether we were interested in getting involved. A short discussion followed and it was agreed that it wasn't appropriate at the present time.
  2. Dates of future meetings. JA proposed the following dates – all at 7.30 pm:-                 July 3rd, September 4th, November 6th, January 11th (AGM).
  3. Items left in the Hall. The policy is that items used for events in the Hall must be taken away - there isn't sufficient space in the downstairs storage cupboards. However, the general feeling was that perhaps items could possibly be stored in the upstairs office if somebody in the group has a keycard for the office - Steph to liaise with JA. SO felt strongly that it was better to give Steph a clear directive on this matter and to stick to the policy of saying no to all requests.
  4.  A.O.B. Dot Benson reported that a lady she knew wanted to book the Hall for a wedding but, without a computer, found it difficult. Apart from the Village Hall website, other possibilities include writing to "Bookings" at the Hall and visiting the Hall to speak to Steph or to find the phone number on the notice board. BL suggested putting an occasional advert in Beneath Blencathra to include a phone number.                                     JA reported that she had received several comments/requests from Madeleine Singleton. Firstly, she asked about the possibility of being able to look up on the website when the Hall was free to book. BL commented that at the moment she always had to check with Steph/Helen O'Brien first because the bookings chart isn't always fully up to date because provisional bookings aren't always recorded. The second comment was that recently the Women's Group couldn't get the AV system to work. GA has put more information on the inside of the door. BL is considering putting a simplified list up and she will offer to show the Group how things work. SO recommended that all groups should check the equipment before any event. Thirdly, she commented that 1/4hr clearing up time was not enough. The feeling was that it was "free" time and that really, if this wasn't sufficient, perhaps groups should consider booking for longer. 

       The meeting closed at 9.00pm.


Since the meeting, Emma Moody has sent the following T.Y.P. report:-

The Youth Club is continuing to be popular and we are now in a much better financial position. We held an Easter Bingo night just before the holidays which raised £400. Big thanks to the Village Hall Trust for their very generous donation, plus we have also received contributions from Keswick Rotary and the Towngate Trust. The summer term we will be out on the jobby when the weather is fine (still using the coffee shop as a meeting point) and have a couple of evenings at the Blencathra Centre.    

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