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Village Hall Trust meeting - November 15



Present: Trustees: Steven Oldfield, Joe Davis, Moira Suringar, Graham Anderson, Jo Alberti.

                 In attendance: Neil Beresford, Barbara Wilson.

  1. Jo Alberti was elected as the new Chairperson – proposed by Steven Oldfield, seconded by Moira Suringar.
  2. Graham Anderson was elected as the new Vice Chairperson – proposed by Jo Alberti, seconded by Steven Oldfield.
  3. Joe Davis agreed to be the minutes secretary.
  4. No apologies for absence were received.
  5. The minutes of the last ordinary meeting were accepted.
  6. Matters arising:-
  • Item 12 – Steven Oldfield reported that an amendment has now been added to the Hall literature about excessive noise.
  • Item 16 – Moira Suringar reported that, although the application form for funding was perhaps slightly complex for small grants, generally, with support from a member of the Trust, it was satisfactory. Applications from individuals would need special consideration.
  • Access to activities diary – Neil Beresford reported that Barbara Lowesmith now has access. Steven Oldfield commented that the present lists show dates but don't always show booking times – he will also be shown how to access the system. 
  1. Treasurer's report – Neil Beresford
  • Year ending 30 September 2015 – Mainly as a result of a Coffee Shop donation, there was a small surplus of £1,436.
  • 2016 budget – The predicted budget shows an increase in Hall hire income which should result in the General Fund again having a small surplus of around £2,000.
  • After completion of the project payments it would make more sense to reduce the number of bank accounts from three to two – a general and a reserve account.
  • The accounts will be examined in the next few weeks.
  • Moira Suringar asked whether there should be a review of Hall hire costs – perhaps on agenda for next meeting.
  • Again Neil was warmly thanked for his hard work.
  1. Grant application from T.Y.P.  It was agreed, as a one off payment, to support the application for £1,000. Jo Alberti and Steven Oldfield to confer with Emma Moody over publicising, perhaps in Beneath Blencathra, and of the need to report back. The predicted future budget was noted. Jo Alberti to inform Trevor Roberts of the decision.
  2. Smithy Cottage hearing – it was agreed to go ahead with the 50/50 compromise proposal suggested by the solicitor.
  3. Coffee Shop C.I.C. report. The coffee shop is doing well – the C.I.C. was thanked for the information.
  4. It was agreed to circulate the initial minutes to all for comment and that, where possible, future meetings should be on the third Thursday of every other month. Proposed dates are as follows:- AGM 14th Jan, 23rd March, 23rd May, 18th July, 19th Sept., 21st Nov.
  5. Child and Vulnerable Adult Policy. It is believed that most village halls don't have such a policy. People who hire the Hall should be aware of the terms and conditions and should do their own risk assessment. Nevertheless, we do have a policy, originally written by Trevor Roberts, which needs to be updated. Joe Davis has agreed to take on the task.
  6. Easyfundraising. Neil Beresford uses the scheme and will discuss the issues with Trevor Roberts.
  7. A.G.M. This will be on Thursday 14th January with the same format as last year. - Jo Alberti to do the welcoming, Steven Oldfield the secretary's report and Neil Beresford the Treasurer's report. Jo Alberti will then do the Chairperson's report, including making reference to the Coffee Shop, before introducing the speaker, Patrick Gilcrist, from the Theatre.
  8. A.O.B.
  • The secretary was asked to make all suitable arrangements for the nomination and appointment of trustees.
  • Insurance on the Hall is due mid December. We have 1 quote so far but need to get another 2/3. Moira Suringar, Jo Alberti and Neil Beresford to decide which quote to go with.
  • Hall security. At the moment the doors are open to the general public until 9pm.There was support to set the locks for 6pm – Neil Beresford to discuss details with Steph Malik. Internal doors need to be unlocked/locked using cards. Reminders need to be sent to users about cleaning, turning lights off and locking doors at the end of sessions.
  • AV cupboard. There are problems with sound/sound levels as a result of faulty jack plugs. Neil Beresford to contact suppliers for quote on sorting out the problem. Neil also felt the sound system wasn't adequate for films – the T.A.A. need to decide if system ok.
  • Christmas decorations. Graham Anderson to be responsible for Christmas tree or, if not, perhaps Roger Bragg could be asked again. Steven Oldfield and Neil Beresford to set up external lights early in December.
  • Car park surface.Steven Oldfield reported that 2 other firms have been asked for quotes but none received yet. Might possibly contact Alistair Birkett.
  • Neil Beresford reported that a heat meter on the Solar Hot Water system had required replacement. The contractors claim it failed as a result of damage and is not covered by warranty. They have invoiced the Trust for £675 + vat. He is in dispute with them and has proposed to pay 50% of the cost.

  The meeting closed at 9.30pm.

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