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Village Hall Trust meeting - November 16



Present: Trustees: Jo Alberti, Steven Oldfield, Graham Anderson, Joe Davis, Moira Suringar, Dot Benson.      In attendance:  Neil Beresford, Barbara Lowesmith, Adam Bazire (1st part only). . 

  1. Apologies – Saima Afzal.
  2. The minutes of the last ordinary meeting were accepted.
  3. Matters arising.
  • Moira Suringar reported that MS, BL, JD and AB had attended the recent meeting about the Railway Path. The National Park authority has appointed Capita to look at a permanent replacement for the original path. Capita admitted a deficiency in local knowledge and wanted ideas from the general public. They are hoping for a list of options to consider by the end of January. The project could take up to four years and will need considerable public funding. The NPA indicated an unwillingness to spend very much on a temporary solution. Brundholme Woods Road is owned by the County Council. It would really help matters if its vehicular status could be removed and it could become a bridal way or simple pathway. MS to draft a letter for JA to send to the Highways Agency. It would be very helpful if Dot Benson and Adam Bazire could raise the issue with the Parish Council and the Coffee Shop respectively to support this suggestion.
  • JA has met with Prof. Hanbury and discussed the work being carried out at Underknott.
  • Flood resilience – SO reported that the County Council have shaved off the surface of the road near the entrance to produce a higher lip. SO and GA have looked into purchasing barriers which can be put up manually should flooding appear likely. A 400mm high barrier to go across the road entrance and a 800mm high barrier to go across the doors would cost £2,727. It was agreed that SO should go ahead and order these after first contacting Eden District Council again to confirm that the cost would be covered by a grant.
  • GA reported that drawings, specifications and quotes for the AV system should be available by the weekend.
  • John Knifton has moved the front downpipe so that water from the gutters flows into the road and not into the entrance area. Many thanks to John.
  • SO reported that a higher step is needed for the new higher staging legs. 
  1. Steven Oldfield confirmed that Ann Iredale has officially resigned.
  2. Coffee Shop Matters.
  • Adam Bazire, a new Director of the Coffee Shop Board, reported that Paolo has now left. The Coffee Shop is running smoothly at the moment thanks to Rachel and Ed. A new manager, Fiona Thomas, has been appointed and starts on Tues. 15th Nov. (the Shop is closed on the Monday). The Senior Barista post is still open. The lack of staffing depth is a concern.
  • SO presented the Coffee Shop's latest six monthly report which had previously been circulated. Its contents were noted. The Board of the Coffee Shop were thanked for the report.
  • Neil Beresford believes that the Trust should have a member as a Director on the Coffee Shop Board. Jo Alberti is not yet ready to become a full Director but would like to attend the next meeting. Barbara Lowesmith indicated that she might possibly be prepared to be a Non Executive Director.
  • JA and SO have been working on changes to the Licensing Agreement between the Village Hall Trust and the C.I.C., including a rent increase, and these changes have been accepted by the Coffee Shop Board.
  1. Treasurer's Report. Neil Beresford presented the Hall accounts for the year ending 30th Sept 2016 and these have been reviewed by our Independent Examiner. The accounts for the year show an overall deficit of £7,157. This is made up of a surplus on normal, day to day, Operations of the Hall of £3,814, a surplus of £2,329 on the Reserve Account, and a deficit for the year on the Project Account of £13,300. At the year end, the Trust had £20,524 of cash available. This is a very satisfactory outcome for the year.The Project Account is now closed with no further liabilities. The Hall is producing a surplus on its lettings, which have increased by around 30% compared to last year. Most areas of expenditure are close to expectations but insurance and maintenance costs were higher than planned and this trend is forecast to continue. The Treasurer also produced a Draft Budget for 2016-17 which showed a continued surplus on Hall Operations. It was agreed to pay £20 for a Lottery License in case we run a raffle.
  2. T.A.A. Report. Moira Suringar again reported that the finances were healthy and that most events were doing well – the next one is sold out! The Keep Fit classes are a success. Planning is going ahead for next year's program. BL is monitoring where people are coming from for big events.
  3. T.Y.P. Report. JA has received reports from both Emma and Saima and again things are going well. JA is planning to write something for 'Beneath Blencathra' mentioning the financial support given by the C.I.C.
  4. Health and Safety. SO and GA are continuing to carry out weekly checks on the Hall. Lizzie Chaplin-Brice joined SO on one of the tours and advised on certain aspects such as regular checks on the first aid box, testing the temperature of the hot water etc.
  5. Maintenance and Upkeep. SO reported that last weekend the corridor and one wall of the Coffee Shop was painted - thanks were given to all those who came in and helped with removing and replacing all the notices etc hanging on the walls. The job was done well and the painters came back on the Monday morning to finish off a few problems. SO has now put up a motion sensitive light above the waste bins. NB reported that there were still problems with the heating – the Hall often gets too hot.
  6. Hall Floor update. MS reported that Aviva are adamant that the sub-floor doesn't need replacing. We have two choices, sanding (which received 5 votes) or a new Junkers floor (1 vote). It was agreed to go for sanding and MS to get advice on sanding from Junkers and possibly ask 4D to do the job. 
  7. Waste Disposal. BL raised concerns that the waste recycling bins are being used by the general public for general rubbish. A second concern is a capacity one – they are usually both full! There is now a third bin for general waste.
  8. Date of next meeting. The AGM will be on 12th January 2017.
  9.  A.O.B. None  

       The meeting closed at 9.35pm.                                                                                                                                                     

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