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Village Hall Trust meeting - September 15



Present: Trustees: Steven Oldfield, Joe Davis, Moira Suringar, Graham Anderson, Jo Alberti.

                 In attendance: Neil Beresford, Barbara Lowesmith.

  1. Steven Oldfield agreed to chair the meeting.
  2. Joe Davis agreed to take the minutes.
  3. Apologies were received from Saima Afzal.
  4. The minutes of the last ordinary meeting were accepted.
  5. There were no matters arising.
  6. Jo Alberti offered to be the Chair from the next meeting on – unanimously accepted.
  7. Moira Suringar indicated that she might consider the position of Vice Chair.
  8.  Treasurer's report - Neil Beresford
  • Results 2014-15. Including a forecast for the month of September, the General Fund of the Trust will show a small surplus. Income from lettings has been much better in the second half year and costs have been lower.
  • Budget 2015-16. The detailed draft budget for the coming year again showed a small increase in annual surplus. After some discussion, including maintenance /expenses of the disabled lift, the proposed budget was agreed.
  • Reserves Policy. Most catastrophic events are covered by insurance. It was agreed that the current cash balances, which are approaching £10,000 in the General Fund, are a sufficient Reserve against day to day operational issues. The Treasurer presented an analysis of equipment and fittings expenditure in the recent revitalisation and their likely life span. As a result of this analysis, it was proposed and agreed that the Trust should adopt a policy of creating a General Reserve for such equipment replacement and that initially the plan should be to add £5,000 per annum to this reserve. The figure should be reviewed each year.  
    Neil was warmly thanked for all his hard work.
  1. At the moment, there is no emergency in funding the YC.
  2. Barbara Lowesmith reported that the Lottery Commission was impressed with the set up and monitoring of activities as shown in the end of year/project report. There is a need to continue with monitoring but perhaps in less detail. Certain information is of value to us, for example, numbers involved in activities, age profiles and local participation. There is a need for a small sales/marketing group to work with Steph Malik on the use of the computer system to extend and monitor the use of the Hall.
  3. Steven Oldfield had asked Trevor Roberts to alter the wording in the final sentence in the publicity re. handover of cheque by coffee shop CIC to more accurately reflect the situation.
  4. Concern was expressed by Graham Anderson about occasional excessive noise coming from the Hall. The TAA are aware of certain groups who play loudly, however, weddings are harder to control. Hire conditions do stipulate time/noise limits – Moira Suringar and Steven Oldfield to check and suggest changes, if necessary, to hall literature. It was felt that this was a very rare occurrence but, when it did occur, the Village Hall management should do something about it.
  5. Steven Oldfield thanked Emma Weir and Roger Bragg, who have both resigned from the committee, for all their good work whilst on the Committee. Roger in particular had spent many years 'in service' as a Committee Man, handyman and treasurer.
  6. Moira Suringar, Barbara Lowesmith and Graham Anderson to look at the present system for marketing, booking, data analysis and support for the Booking and Marketing Secretary, Steph Malik.
  7. Thanks were given for the Coffee Shop CIC Director's report and accounts which were accepted.
  8. Jo Alberti and Moira Suringar to look at and modify, if necessary, the specimen application form for funding.
  9. A.O.B.                                                                                                                                                  
  • Trustees' liability is covered by insurance (except for negligence and fraud), so there seems to be no benefit to turning the Trust into a Ltd Company.
  • Barbara Lowesmith asked about access to the activities diary. It was confirmed that a forward list of bookings is posted on the notice board in the office. Neil Beresford will arrange with Steph Malik for Barbara to have access to the computer based diary for enquiries only (provided no additions/alterations to be made).
  • Date of next meeting – 23rd Nov. Main item should be the planning of the AGM – Jo Alberti to contact the Theatre for a speaker.

     Meeting closed at 9.35pm.


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