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Village Hall Trust meeting - September 16



Present: Trustees: Jo Alberti, Steven Oldfield, Joe Davis, Moira Suringar, Graham Anderson, Dot Benson.      In attendance:  Neil Beresford, Elaine Jordan. 

  1. Apologies – Saima Afzal, Barbara Lowesmith, Anne Ireby (resigning as Trustee).
  2. The minutes of the last ordinary meeting were accepted.
  3. Matters arising. We may possibly need to purchase higher steps for the new staging legs. No recent problems over cleaning the Hall after events.
  4. Coffee Shop Matters. Elaine Jordan reported that Steven Harris, a regular customer from Keswick, has agreed to become a new Director of the Coffee Shop. Another local resident is showing interest! Paulo manages the day to day running of the CS and the Directors oversee the work and support Paulo and his team. The Directors meet 4 times a year and staffing strategies are the main issues at the moment. NB reiterated the need for closer links between the VHT and the CS Management Team. JA asked for volunteers to become a Director of the CIC. No-one else volunteering, she agreed to do so. Her presence representing the VHT at CS Management meetings in future should help.
  5. The old railway line. EJ reported on a recent meeting with Kath Johnson. The displaced bridges have now been removed. A grant of £3 million has been applied for to open new public rights of way but this can't be used on the railway track itself because it isn't a public right of way! Quotes of around £3-5 million are expected to put any plans into action – problems with existing bridges! Proposed new temporary routes aren't bike friendly. It is hoped the route through Brundholme Woods will be opened soon but will be for walkers only. The National Park will be organizing a public meeting in the village in the near future – BL would like to represent the VHT. The CS has concerns about  smaller numbers of family bikers (bike shops are renting out below 40% of previous figures). However, the impact hasn't been a major problem because of increased local support. The CS is hoping new road signs will be put up at the entrance to the village indicating the existence of the Coffee Shop and this is supported by the Parish Council. The CS is also thinking about putting up notices about short circular routes not involving the railway line.
  6. Future management of the Coffee Shop. Jo Alberti reported that, at the moment, there were no foreseen changes apart from the new Directors.    
  7. Treasurer's Report. Neil Beresford presented the latest report. Things are going well and lettings are ahead of last year and the predicted budget. Sept 30th is the end of the financial year. He was again thanked by JA.
  8. T.A.A. Report. Moira Suringar reported that the finances were healthy and it has been a good year attendance wise. Planning is going ahead for next year's program – any new ideas welcome as would more volunteers to help with running events. There are still issues with the sound system – the T.A.A. has money for this. JA thanked MS and pointed out that any successful event raised people's awareness of the Hall.
  9. T.Y.P. Report. Jo Alberti reported that Emma Moody has indicated that all is going well. She is happy with the two new Youth Workers and the number of youngsters involved. Emma has been reminded to put in a new application for funding.
  10.  Public notice at Underknott. Work has started on rerouting the beck and constructing a new, higher bridge. The notice indicates that this work is being carried out in consultation with the Parish Council and the VHT but this is not the case! There have been no consultations with the Trust on the work and the Trust does not consider itself competent to make comment.
  11.  Flood resilience measures. Steven Oldfield reported that he was getting conflicting ideas from the flood resilience consultant and the highways agency. One suggestion was a channel along the front of the Hall draining into the existing pipework on the other side of the road but the feeling was that, although the grant for £5,000 might cover this, the pipework might not be big enough to cope with really large volumes of water. A second possibility was to shave some of the road surface down to create a higher lip. SO to check further on the feasibility, cost and legality of this together with the purchase and fitting of a manual barrier.
  12. Health and Safety. Steven Oldfield and Graham Anderson are continuing to carry out weekly checks on the Hall. SO is hoping that someone with a little more experienced in safety issues will join him on one of the checks in the near future.
  13.  Hall maintenance. Steven Oldfield reported on a range of issues including the following:- 
  • Craig Beatty has sorted out the problem of jackdaws in the roof space.
  • SO and GA have checked the roof and cleared the guttering
  • The painters have finished in the toilets and will do the corridor at the end of October – volunteers needed to clear the walls and the to put things back after painting. Paulo to be asked to do the same in the Coffee Shop. 
  • John Knifton has put new door stops on the Hall doors and replaced various lights. 
  • Graham Anderson has continued to maintain the flower boxes. 
  • Barbara Lowesmith and Dot Benson have purchased new equipment for the kitchen.
  • NB has been working on various computer issues.
  • Helen O'Brien continues to carry out valuable work supporting the development of the Village Hall web-site. 

All were thanked for their hard work.

  1.  Donation from Coffee Shop.  The conditions for the donation of £10,000 were discussed and accepted and the Coffee Shop was thanked.
  2. Report and Accounts from Coffee Shop. These were discussed and accepted. The Coffee Shop staff, management and Directors are to be congratulated on another successful year despite all the current difficulties. The new licensing agreement and charges will be looked at by JA and SO for implementation from January 1st 2017.
  3.  Hall floor update. Moira Suringar again reported that the floor ordered from Boen can be cancelled. 4D would then like a small payment if not used. Over the phone, Aviva have come up with two proposals: a) sand down the current floor, some financial compensation and a 25 year guarantee; b) try to get Junkers to put in a new floor but without replacing the sub-floor, again with a 25 year guarantee. The strong feeling was that Aviva should come up with written proposals including actual figures.
  4.  A.V. system. Graham Anderson reported that attempts are being made to repair the present setup whilst looking for a new system.
  5.  Date of next meeting. Wednesday 9th November. The AGM will be on 12th January.
  6.  A.O.B. Dot Benson raised two concerns which had been reported to her: a) lack of outside lighting at the far end of the car park – this will be investigated further, and b) recently an accident occurred whilst putting away tables in the storage room – the small tables toppled over trapping the person. There are obviously issues with limited storage space but again this will be looked at. Steph Malik has commented that people are confusing the telephone numbers for booking events and booking to hire the Hall. The numbers need to be made clearer on the web-site.

       The meeting ended at 9.50pm.                                                                                                                                                  

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