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Village Hall Trust meeting - September 17

Minutes of meeting of Threlkeld Village Hall trustees held on 4th. September 2017

  Present:   Jo Alberti, Stephen Oldfield, Dot Benson, Graham Anderson, Moira Suringar.

In attendance:  Barbara Lowesmith, Neil Beresford, Adam Bazire (for part) and Steven Harris (for part)

Apologies:   Joe Davies, Saima Afzal

  1.   The minutes of the last meeting held on 7th. August were agreed.
  2. Matters arising:
    1. Cleaning.   The new machine is now operational.   A deep clean of the coffee shop is due to be carried out.
    2. Parking issues – JA will attend the parish council on 19th. September to discuss.
    3. Risk Assessment – BL is progressing it.
  3. Coffee Shop.   AB confirmed that the coffee shop has applied for a flood relief grant  to compensate for loss of revenue..   The coffee shop has made a payment of £5k to the trust.    In terms of day to day operation, AB and SH confirmed that the coffee shop was trading at a profit level comparable to the previous year.  There was still a vacancy for a senior barista (deputy manager) and for a board member for the coffee shop company.
  4. Hall Maintenance and operation.  
    1. SO and NB and GA reported on actions they were undertaking with regard to the back up lighting system, heating system,  lift and guttering/roof.    The meeting gave a big thank you  for all the work they were doing.  
    2.  SO gave a demonstration of the fire alarm system and procedures. 
    3. It was confirmed that the doors are now closed between 6.30p.m. and 8.30a.m.
    4.  JA confirmed that the possibility of renting part of the back field to increase car parking capacity will be progressed.
    5. The meeting discussed the issues around the possible disposal of the toilet block by the district council
    6. There was nothing to report on health and safety.
  5. Treasurers Report.   The report was noted and discussed.   Although there has been a decrease in income from lettings, the hall is still breaking even and maintaining  the project account for future repairs and renewals.
  6. TAA and TYP.  Verbal reports were given and noted.   No issues were raised except that the TYP is looking for new people to help run the organisation.
  7. Bookings and Marketing Secretary.  It was noted that the current secretary had given notice.  SO has volunteered to take over this role and this offer was gratefully accepted.   SO and NB to organise  the handover process.
  8. Railway Path.   BL reported on the response she had received from Cath Johnston of LDNPA in May on the current position – broadly that a fundraising report had been commissioned to look at how to raise funds for a new path which will largely follow the route of the old path and be accessible for wheelchairs and people with limited mobility and cyclists.   Whilst the opening of the route through Brundholme woods was welcomed, the continuing lack of signage was noted and also the delay on the part of the County Council in looking at opening Brundholme Road to walkers and cyclists.   It was agreed to ask Cath for an update on the fundraising position and to invite her to a future meeting.  It was also agreed to press her to instal the required signage for the Brundholme route and to press the County Council to reopen Brundholme Road to cyclists and walkers.    The parish council will be invited to make similar representations both  to Cath at LDNPA and to the County Council highways section.   There was also some discussion about whether standards for the replacement path were making it more costly than necessary – e.g. how wide did the bridges need to be to accommodate cyclists.
  9. AOB.   It was agreed that prior to the AGM of the trust, it would publish a short annual report about the hall in Beneath Blencathra.
  10. Next Meeting.  2nd October at 7.30p.m. at the village hall.

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