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Village Hall Trust Management Committee Meeting - November 2008

Present: Roger Bragg, Carolyn Cripps, Sue Dunn, Trevor Roberts, Diane Robson, Bryan Rothwell, Gill Winter, Donald Angus.

1. Apologies: Diane Robson, Steven Oldfield

2. Minutes of the previous Ordinary Meeting held on 16 July 2008 (previously circulated)

These were agreed as a correct record.

3. Matters arising not on the agenda

Item 7 – all the land was now registered with the Land Registry, in the name of the Parish Council as custodial trustee; the fees and charges had all been paid by the Village Hall Tust

4. Election of Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer
The following were unanimously elected unopposed as officers of the Trust:
Chairman: Trevor Roberts
Vice-Chairman: Bryan Rothwell
Secretary: Diane Robson
Treasurer: Roger Bragg.

5. Issuing of copies of the Governing documents, Charity Accounts etc
All members of the Committee had copies of the Governing Documents. Copies of the Annual Accounts are in the Annual Report (see next item).

6. Issuing of copies of the Annual Report
Copies of the Annual Report and accounts for 2007/08 were circulated.

7. Progress on the revitalisation scheme and funding bids
Progress as set out in the agenda was noted. Details of all the grant applications submitted (mainly without success) were circulated and noted. The positive responses from the Hadfield Trust and the Lake District NPA were noted with optimism. The grant of £5000 from the Government Grassroots Fund via the Cumbria Community Foundation was welcomed.

The outcome of discussion at the Revitalisation Action Group meeting the previous week was reported and discussed. The Committee confirmed the intention to proceed with the scheme as planned and submit the planning application shortly as scheduled.

8. Review of fees and charges
It was resolved that with effect from 1 December, the following fees would be charged:
£4.50 per hour for the Main Hall
£4.00 per hour for the Meeting Room
Electricity: 20p per unit

Camping: £5.00 per person per night.

The Treasurer was given discretion to offer reductions on these charges for multiple bookings etc.

It was also resolved that bookings for social events involving significant numbers of people, camping and similar events/activities, we would seek a returnable deposit of £50 with the booking to cover any damage, additional cleaning etc.

Action: Roger Bragg

9. Routine management and maintenance matters

This item was considered after the next item on Health and Safety.

It was decided to spend significant money on short term repairs and improvements, reflecting the fact that the Hall is likely to continue in much its present form for several years. Fortunately the income from teas and from the car park honesty box generate significant income to allow this to happen without seeking assistance from the Revitalisation Fund, which is thus reserved to support the longer term plans.

A schedule of suggested repairs and improvements was circulated and discussed. The following were agreed:

• Installation of blackout quality vertical blinds on the Main Hall windows, and roller blinds on the kitchen windows – Action: Roger Bragg to get a quotation and proceed with this if satisfied

• Once the blinds have been sorted, approach Pat Knifton re producing some simple tie back curtains Action: Carolyn Cripps

• Stainless steel splashbacks round the cooker – Action: Roger Bragg

• Check and if necessary replace the water boiler – this will be checked by an electrical looking at portable appliances, and subject to this a decision will be made regarding replacement Action: Carolyn Cripps

• Replace the old food trolley, new cutlery trays, new teapots - Action: Carolyn Cripps

• Replace existing cupboards and install a new double cupboard - Action: Roger Bragg (Trevor Robson)

• Repaint both toilets with anti-condensation paint - Action: Roger Bragg to get this under way with Ratty subject to the price quoted being reasonable

• Various joinery jobs to be undertaken, including ensuring all doors open and close properly; working locks on the storeroom, kitchen and meter cupboard; replacement external notice board; new large notice board in the entrance hall; new shelves in the storeroom – Action: Trevor Roberts to arrange with Malc Stevens

• New collapsible tables, large and half size – Action: Carolyn Cripps to look into prices etc and discuss with Trevor Roberts the possibility of applying for a grant

• Cut down sycamore tree and make good underneath it – Action: Donald Angus (Tony Singleton)

• Sort out various notices, instructions to hirers etc, including notes on use of toilet heaters to minimize condensation – Action: Trevor Roberts

• Getting rid of old card tables and moving them from above the kitchen door – Action: Carolyn Cripps

The people indicated are authorised to make arrangements/commitments to implement these improvements as soon as convenient, keeping Roger Bragg informed of progress, costs etc.

Some other improvements will be considered subsequently if finances allow, including:

• Storage boxes to keep things in the storeroom in a more convenient and organised manner
• Installation of a baby changing unit
• Time switches to the toilet heaters if necessary
• Notices in the car park drawing attention to the Honesty Box.
10. Health and Safety
This topic had been provisionally discussed at the previous meeting. Bryan Rothwell and Steven Oldfield had subsequently carried out a systematic Risk Assessment (both a general one and a fire safety one) in accordance with the advised procedures; and Bryan Rothwell went through a draft Health and Safety policy document. This was considered in great detail by the Committee. The following actions were agreed:

• Bryan Rothwell would be designated as the member of the Committee responsible for Health and Safety matters generally, with various other people (to be specified in the document) designated for particular purposes

• Beacon Fire Security to be invited to inspect the provision of appliances; the various fire notices etc; and the safety lighting (so that arrangements can be made for regular testing etc); with appropriate follow up purchases if necessary – Action: Bryan Rothwell

• Leon Crossfield be invited to inspect portable appliances and provide the appropriate security certificates (or another electrician if he is unable to do this) – Action: Gill Winter

• various official health and safety notices be purchased and put up – Action: Roger Bragg

• health and safety information to be included in notices and the proposed handbook for hirers Action: Trevor Roberts

• the Health and Safety policy should incorporate appropriate provisions regarding child protection – Action: Bryan Rothwell

• a final version of the Health and Safety policy should be submitted for formal ratification at the next Committee meeting – Action: Bryan Rothwell

• find a plan of the Village Hall to attach to the policy – Action: Trevor Roberts to find one and provide to Bryan.

Bryan and Steven were thanked for their input on this important topic.

11. Sycamore tree
This was considered under item 9 above.

12. Stage lighting for the Hall
The Committee agreed to the proposal to install lighting and endorsed the action of the Chairman in applying for an Awards for All grant towards this.

13. Agreeing to dates of future meetings of the Trust Management Committee
Meetings of the Management Committee were agreed as follows, all at 7.30pm in the Village Hall:
Tuesday 3 February 2009
Wednesday 29 April 2009
Wednesday 29 July 2009 (this may well need to be altered as holiday plans are fionalised)
Wednesday 11 November 2009 (this will be the new Committee following the Annual Meeting planned for Wednesday 21 October 2009).

14. Any other business
Caretaker’s wages – it was agreed to increase the Caretaker’s wages from £70 to £80 per month with effect from 1 December 2008 - Action: Roger Bragg

Booklet on the use of the Hall It was agreed we needed a comprehensive package of information, probably in the form of a small booklet, to be issued to hirers and users of the hall (in most cases involving a signature that they have received it), covering various things such as health and safety matters, payment arrangements, the electricity charges, rubbish disposal, etc. Action – Trevor Roberts to produce a draft to be circulated for comment and adopted at or before the next meeting.

The meeting finished at 9.45pm. The Chairman thanked everyone for their contributions to an important and productive meeting.

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