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Village Hall Trust Management Committee Meeting - February 2009





Present: Carolyn Cripps, Sue Dunn, Steven Oldfield, Trevor Roberts, Diane Robson, Bryan Rothwell, Gill Winter.

1. Apologies

Donald Angus (ill), Roger Bragg (delayed)

2. Minutes of the previous Ordinary Meeting held on 19 November 2009 (previously circulated)

Subject to amendment to give the correct date, these were agreed as a correct record.

3. Matters arising not on the agenda


4. Updates on the various Hall enhancements etc agreed at the previous meeting

The following updates were reported:

Blackout quality blinds in Main Hall and blinds in the kitchens - these have been ordered and they will be installed very shortly. Steven Oldfield has painted the windows in the kitchen prior to their installation. UK Blinds have given us a roughly 50% discount.

Tie back curtains - Carolyn Cripps has arranged this with Pat Knifton, they will purchase material and make these when the blinds have been installed

Stainless steel splashbacks - done

Check/replacement of the water boiler - this is continuing to function, and is not needed very often, so replacement may not be worthwhile; it was agreed to get it checked and if necessary repaired as part of the small appliance check, and consider its replacement if this proves infeasible Action: Trevor Roberts to ask Roger Bragg to get this done with other electrical work

Trolley, cutlery trays, teapots - all purchased and in operation

Replacement/new cupboards - Trevor Robson has this in hand

Repainting toilets - Roger Bragg has had a quote for this which is acceptable and the work will be done soon

Joinery jobs/shelving - Trevor Roberts has not yet contacted Malc Stevens re this, but will do so - it was agreed that once it has been sorted out what shelving can go into the storeroom, he will look at the options for lockable cupboards/storage boxes etc Action: Trevor Roberts

New tables - Carolyn Cripps has explored costs of these, it looks like they will cost about £400 - it was agreed to seek a Cumbria Neighbourhood Forum grant for these. Action: Carolyn Cripps to give Trevor Roberts details of prices etc, Trevor Roberts to do bid to the Neighbourhood Forum

Sycamore tree - no news from Donald Angus, the tree is proposed for felling in the revitalization plans, but will be replaced by tees planted elsewhere. In the meantime the additional car parking space would be welcome. Action: Trevor Roberts to chase up with Donald Angus.

Notices, instructions etc - not yet done. Action: Trevor Roberts

Getting rid of old card tables - not yet done. Carolyn Cripps will look through these and get rid of any which are no good, any to be retained will be stored in the storeroom Action: Carolyn Cripps.

There has been reasonable progress on implementing these improvements, which will make a real difference to the Hall in the short term. All involved were thanked for their efforts.

Other possible improvements:

Storage boxes/cupboards - see above; Carolyn Cripps may be able to get some good quality second hand cupboards. Action: Carolyn Cripps to make enquiries and get in touch with Trevor Roberts.

Baby changing unit - various options were briefly considered, it was agreed to look at this again after the work on the toilets was completed.

Time switches to toilet heaters - to be considered later

Notices in the car park re the Honesty Box - these should be installed. Action: Trevor Roberts to make arrangements.

5. Financial update

Proper report could not be given in the unexpected absence of Roger Bragg. However, it was not thought that there was anything significant to report.

6. Health and Safety

The following updates were made:

Beacon Fire Security inspection - Bryan Rothwell noted that they were due to inspect the equipment in April anyway so will approach them then re doing the wider survey and checks previously agreed Action: Bryan Rothwell.

Inspection of portable appliances - Gill Winters had approached Leon Crossfield as agreed, and he was reluctant to do this, although he is qualified to do so, because of the time commitment involved. However, since her approach he has been asked to do other work on the lights, and so it was agreed to approach him again regarding these checks, to include a check on the water heater (see above). If this is again unsuccessful, an approach will have to be made to another electrician. Action: Trevor Roberts to speak to Roger Bragg, who has been arranging the work on the lights.

Health and safety notices - Roger Bragg has this in hand.

Health and safety information in notices and the proposed handbook - Trevor Roberts has this in hand

Child Protection Policy - Bryan Rothwell has a draft to include ion the Health and Safety policy, based on one used at the Diocesan Youth Centre, but had just spotted a much simpler version in Thirlmere Recreation hall, and may use this - this is in hand.

It was agreed that the final version of the Health and Safety Policy, which was almost finalised, could be approved on behalf of the Committee by Bryan Rothwell and Trevor Roberts, with this approval to be ratified formally at the next meeting. Action: Bryan Rothwell/Trevor Roberts

7. Stage lighting for the Hall

The position was noted. Together with the portable staging and the blackout blinds, this has given us vastly improved presentation facilities.

On a related note, Trevor Roberts noted that he had agreed to the staging being lent out for a Churches Together event. The organisers had picked up and brought back the staging themselves, and were making a contribution of £30 to Village Hall funds. However, he was slightly uneasy about lending out this equipment, since it could potentially get damaged; but on the other hand it did not seem entirely right to be over restrictive. After discussion it was agreed that:


  • we would not advertise or promote the availability of the staging to borrow or hire
  • if we were approached, we would only consider lending it to very reputable organisations which appeared capable of handling it properly
  • a borrower would need to ensure proper transport to and from the Village Hall, and would need to be shown properly how to assemble and dismantle the staging properly
  • a borrower would have to sign an indemnity against damage or loss of equipment
  • there would be a basic charge of £30 per borrowing, more if necessary depending on circumstances.


8. Update on the revitalisation project and funding bids

Progress was as set out in the agenda and was noted. The support from the LDNPA was positively received.

The planning application should be submitted this week.

An updated version of the funding applications progress was circulated. Trevor Roberts indicated his intention of chasing up some of the bids where he had had no response, and his intention of re-applying for some where we had been turned down. He is currently applying for a long shot which could if successful generate a high proportion of the money needed. And generally then process of applying continues.

There is a meeting of the Revitalisation Action Group at 7.30pm on 25 February. The local fundraising activities are now getting under way again.

Trevor Roberts briefly described the contents of the three documents referred to on the agenda, including especially the Preliminary Business Plan for the proposed coffee shop, which was very positive. It was agreed to circulate these documents by email to Committee members. Action: Trevor Roberts.

9. Social Activities Group

The Christmas Whist Drive had attracted about 40 people, and the recent monthly whist drive had attracted 16. Generally numbers were dwindling and the average age increasing! A discussion was held on how to attract younger people. It was agreed:


  • to consider a "tuition" session for beginners
  • to do a promotion in Beneath Blencathra
  • to consider a session for the Youth Club


Action: Carolyn Cripps, in conjunction with Gill Winter

Two Highlights events have been organised - Estonian folk music and a four day craft exhibition.

10. Children and Young Person`s Action Group

The Village Bonfire was again a major triumph and tribute to all involved in its organisation. It attracted about 250 people, including many from outside the village. Raffles, collections etc ensured it made a profit.

The Youth Club is just getting going again after Christmas, without about 10 members in each age group. They will be having a visit to the Keswick Climbing Wall shortly.

11. Teas

These will again be run at Easter and in the summer from early July through to September. There will also be teas in conjunction with the Highlights Craft Weekend.

More volunteers are still needed. A meeting of those involved will be held shortly, and also a big plug for volunteers will be put into Beneath Blencathra. Another suggestion was to approach village organisations to help. Action: Carolyn Cripps.

12. Booklet on the use of the Hall

The request to defer consideration of this was agreed.

13. Any other business

Diane Robson reported that she had just renewed the Performing Rights Society licence which would be displayed in the Hall. This allows us to play recorded music.

She also agreed to look at insurance policy options in time for the renewal in December. Action: Diane Robson.

14. Date of next meeting

Wednesday 29 April 2009, 7.30pm, Village Hall.

(NB Please note the Action Group meeting on 25 February)

The meeting finished at 9.00pm. The Chairman thanked everyone for their attendance and contributions.

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