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Village Hall Trust Management Committee Meeting - July 2009






Roger Bragg, Sue Dunn, Steven Oldfield, Trevor Roberts, Gill Winter.

Additionally in attendance: Les Dalzell and (item 2) Tim Foster, both invited as members of Threlkeld Parish Council for item 2.

1. Apologies

Bryan Rothwell, Carolyn Cripps, Diane Robson, Donald Angus

2. Eden Local Strategic Partnership

Andrea Aldridge attended the meeting to explain about the Eden LSP and how it could assist the Parish Council and the Village Hall. Andrea works for Cumbria Council for Voluntary Service and chairs the Eden Local Forum, which provides the voluntary and community sector input to the Eden LSP. She outlined its main operational areas and how these might be of relevance to Threlkeld; left copies of the Eden Community Strategy Action Plan; invited attendance at a meeting of the Eden Local Forum on 24 September 2009; and answered various questions. It was agreed that:

  • it would be useful for various people in Threlkeld to at least receive email information about some of the specific sub groups, and we will take steps to arrange this
  • since our Village Hall revitalisation project was a multi-functional, "cross cutting" project, something which seems to make it more difficult to secure funding which is usually focused on specific types of scheme, we will send details to the Eden LSP to at least secure its support for the various strands involved.


Action: Trevor Roberts

3. Minutes of the previous Ordinary Meeting held on 29 April 2009 (previously circulated)

These were agreed as a correct record.

4. Matters arising not on the agenda

Item 7 We are unsure exactly what Beacon did in assessing fire safety Action: Trevor Roberts to ask Bryan Rothwell

A meeting with Eden DC Environmental Health has been arranged for 11 September, primarily to look at health, safety and hygiene issues associated with the new scheme now it has received planning approval. Sue Foster and Jane Roberts are attending because of the implications for the coffee shop aspects of the scheme; Trevor Roberts is also attending. It was agreed that Bryan Rothwell should also attend if possible, and Trevor would contact him to this effect. Action: Trevor Roberts

We had not made any progress on the PAT inspections of portable appliances. Gill Winter had spotted someone advertising in the reminder that they did these inspections. It was agreed to follow up on this and arrange it - this is an important health and safety issue. Action: Roger Bragg

5. Financial Update

The Treasurer gave a brief outline of the financial position. At the end of the last year (31 September 2008) we had approximately £12000, and we now have about £11393 - this is after payments of £2000 into the Revitalisation Fund and payments for all the improvements carried out so far. So we continue to more than "hold our own" in ongoing management and maintenance. It was agreed to pay another £500 into the Revitalisation Fund as equivalent to the grant of £500 received for tables. Action: Roger Bragg.

Roger Bragg was thanked for his ongoing work in looking after the books etc.

6. Revitalisation scheme and funding applications

Planning permission has at long last been received - the recent delay was largely due to staff shortages in the LDNPA, there had in the end been no need to refer the application to the Committee. The Chairman gave a full briefing on the permission, which includes the usual detailed conditions etc. It was especially helpful that the LDNPA had agreed to our request for the permission to have a five year "life" rather than the usual three years.

Funding bids can now recommence, and it is hoped that with the permission under our belt we will have more success.

The coffee shop business plan is being worked up in more detail by Sue Foster and Jane Roberts following professional advice via Cumbria ProHelp.

7. Village Hall enhancements

The main outstanding work items are:

  • sorting out the curtain tie backs etc. Action: Carolyn Cripps
  • arranging the baby changing mat and notices Action: Diane Robson
  • cupboards/storage in the storeroom - we have applied for a grant towards these, but so far no success; we will continue this process as it is likely we can get funding for this Action: Trevor Roberts
  • new notice boards outside and inside - the price from Malc Stevens was considered too high, we will ask Paul Cowper Action: Trevor Roberts (depending on the price, we may apply for a grant for this work)
  • shelving in the storeroom/work on doors and locks - Mac Stevens had quoted and had been asked to get on with the work, so may need to be chased (may be worth waiting anyway until we get the storage cupboards sorted out) Action: Trevor Roberts


It was suggested we need some portable display panels, something else which we could use in the revitalised Hall so the money would be wells spent. It was agreed to apply for a grant to provide these. Action: Trevor Roberts

8. Social Activities Group

The four day craft exhibition took place over the Whit Bank Holiday; it cost us nothing, and maybe attracted a few more people into the teas. Feedback from visitors was very positive, and the children`s sculptures were very good - so much so that the Chairman arranged for them to be displayed specifically over another weekend recently, which was appreciated by visitors, residents and the School.

Gill Winter reported on her success in securing her first choice of Highlights events and dates, which have now been advertised in the Highlights brochure. Both look like being popular. We will not need a bar for either event. Gill will organise the publicity, sale of tickets and arrangements much as in the past, and will call on others for any help as needed. Action: Gill Winter

9. Children and Young Person`s Action Group

Village Sports 16 June Diane Robson reported on the Village Sports which had run despite nasty wet weather. Financially we made a small surplus despite this. She thanked various people including Trevor Robson, Roger Bragg, Sue Dunn, Kevin Metcalfe, Val Bragg, Sylvia Tuer. She reported that the Friends of Threlkeld School had been a little reluctant to purchase the fancy dress competition prizes this year - members of the Committee pointed out that this was part of the agreement when the School Fayre started to share the event, which is otherwise entirely organised and publicised by the Village Hall Management Committee. It may be that we discontinue this joint arrangement, something to be reviewed before next year. The Committee`s view is that the Sports can take place anyway on much the same basis as usual, as they did in the past anyway. The group who organised this year`s event are willing to do so again, which was welcomed by the Committee. Action: Diane Robson.

Bonfire The Village Bonfire will take place on Thursday 5 November. The usual team led by Trevor Robson and Roger Bragg have expressed willingness to organise this as usual, which is as ever appreciated. The Chairman reported that the Parish Council`s consideration of the future management of Kiln How is likely to include proposals for a slightly more involved reinstatement of the ground after the bonfire, to encourage regeneration, but more radical options suggested had been rejected as unnecessary or too elaborate. Also, as the trees grow on the bank beside the bonfire site, it may be necessary in time to reconsider the detailed layout of the operation; this is something for the bonfire organisers to take on board and think about but no immediate changes seem necessary.

Children`s Summer Outing The Children`s Summer Outing Committee has not raised sufficient funds to run the usual sort of outing, although other less expensive options are under consideration. It is possible that the Blencathra Centre Field Studies Council may be willing for its minibuses to be used; and the Parish Council has offered to support the outing financially this year if necessary and also suggested that grants be applied for to cover costs, if not for this year for future years. A grant application may possibly need affiliation to an established body such as the Village Hall Trust. It was agreed that if this is necessary, and if this is acceptable to the Children`s Summer Outing Committee, the summer outing and similar activities of the Children`s Summer Outing Committee can be run under the auspices of the Village Hall Trust. Action: Trevor Roberts to contact Sandra Hewitson to sort out the best way forward.

10. Teas

The teas are running successfully and thanks expressed to the whole team involved. They operated over the Whit Bank Holiday for the first time. Two weekends are out because of bookings. It was agreed to try to run for an additional two weekends in September if possible. Action: Carolyn Cripps

11. Visit by the Lake District National Park members and officers; and Parish Councillors

The visit is planned for 11 September in the afternoon. It is an opportunity to showcase the village and the community to influential people. The outline in the agenda was noted.

12. Booklet on the use of the Hall

The Chairman reported that he is still hoping to make progress with this, and will circulate a draft for comments as soon as he can.

13. Any other business


14. Date of next meeting

Dates have been previously agreed.

The Village Hall Annual Meeting will be on Wednesday 21 October 2009 at 7.30pm.

The next meeting of the Village hall Trust Management Committee will be on Wednesday 11 November 2009 at 7.30pm.

NB There will be an earlier meeting of the Revitalisation Action Group, in early September.

The meeting finished at 9.20pm. The Chairman thanked everyone for their attendance and contributions.

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