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Village Hall Trust meeting - February 2011





Present: Present: Donald Angus, Roger Bragg, Alison Critchlow, Sue Dunn, Steven Oldfield, Trevor Roberts

1. Apologies

Carolyn Cripps, Adrian Eddleston, Gill Winter

2. Welcome to new member, Adrian Eddleston

Unfortunately Adriancould not get to this meeting, he will be welcomed at the next one.

3. Minutes of the previous Ordinary Meeting held on 10 November 2010(previously circulated)

These were accepted as a correct record

4. Matters arising from the Minutes not on the agenda


5. Financial report

Roger Bragg reported that we currently have about £18000 in the two main accounts, and that despite the problems of the weather and the changed date the Christmas draw had generated a profit of £200 and the whist drive £113, only about £30 less than the previous year. The level of lettings continues to be positive.

It was agreed we will continue to have any two of the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer as authorised signatories. The mandate needs to be changed (also official names of the accounts). Action: Roger Bragg

Trevor Roberts circulated a summary of the overall financial dimension of the revitalisation project since its inception in 2007, where funding, fundraising and expenditure have been split between the Village Hall and the Parish Council accounts. This indicated we have spent about £43000 on the project so far, of which £38750 has been covered by grants (including a grants of £25000 from the LDNPA). The rest has been met from our local fundraising, which has to date raised about £26000 net. We have about £22000 available locally split between the Parish Council Village Hall Revitalisation Fund and the Village Hall Revitalisation Project account. The report was noted.

6. Routine management and maintenance matters


The carpet in the Meeting Room has been shampooed professionally.

The repairs to the front door will take place very soon. Once this is done, the door will be repainted Action: Steven Oldfield

Various other repairs and replacements have been made in the last month or so. thanks to steven Oldfield, Sylvia Tuer and Trevor Roberts for sorting these out.

Painting and additional work to the main frontage

The option of carrying out a fully specified repair, re-rendering and repainting job on the front of the Hall (which would apparently be largely unaffected by the revitalisation scheme) was considered but rejected as premature and possibly a waste of money. It was agreed we would, subject to the cost being reasonable, get the bottom half of the exterior, where the paint is peeling off, repainted as a short term brightening up measure. Action: Roger Bragg to approach contractors

Repainting of the Meeting Room

It was agreed to put the idea of repainting the Meeting Room by a volunteer team on hold provided we get a reasonable quote for it being done quickly by a contractor. It needs some very basic making good of the walls, then coats of emulsion and gloss as required on walls, doors and ceiling, in white or a light colour. Action: Roger Bragg to approach contractors

Locks on the doors to the Main Hall

This was under consideration because of comments made by a camping booking last year. After discussion, it wasagreed we would not install locks as it would cause a number of possible complications; but we will inform people making bookings that they will be sharing the use of the Hall with others, and we will make the locked Store Room available if necessary to store any specific items. Action: Steven Oldfield to let Sylvia Tuer and anyone booking know about this where necessary

Specialist cleaning to the Main Hall floor

We have been quoted £180 plus VAT to clean, rinse, extract, polish and buff the floor. This will basically remove the ingrained dirt. It was agreed to get this work done. Action: Trevor Roberts

Additional work to the flat roof

The work done to the roof over the toilets appears to have been successful. The flat roof over the back porch is beyond repair, the dampness inside could be condensation. Refixing or replacing the lead flashing will help. It was agreed to get the flashing repaired or replaced. Action: Roger Bragg

7. Progress on the revitalisation scheme and funding bids

Committee members were reasonably “up to speed” with what is going on. key points are:

  • the architects have produced the revised scheme incorporating various suggestions and amendments; a public exhibition has been arranged for 5/6 February
  • the cost of the scheme is about £550,000 plus VAT (we hope to avoid the VAT element)
  • a bid has been made to the Lottery Reaching Communities Fund for £300000
  • the scheme has been submitted to the LDNPA for pre-application comment; a formal application will only be made (in the name of the Parish Council) once we have made progress with funding
  • the architects and other consultants have been paid for all work up to date; if we need to involve the architects again we will be paying by the hour (there will be some costs but not too much)
  • other potential funding sources will be approached if and when we know the outcome of the Lottery bid.

The report was noted.

8. Updates on other activities

GlasgowCoach Trip– this was successfully run again with a full coach; thanks to Carolyn Cripps

Whist Drives– the monthly whist drives have not been run, but the postponed Christmas Whist Drive was well attended; thanks to Carolyn Cripps and also to Roger Bragg for organising the Grand Draw

Highlights– one event was cancelled because of the weather, the event postponed from last Christmas was successful and reasonably well attended; Gill Winter is organising one more event, in March, but ha just let us know that after that she will not be able to act as the Highlights coordinator; it was agreed to thank Gill for her efforts in running Highlights for the last two/three years and to seek a successor via Beneath BlencathraAction: Trevor Roberts

Teas – it was agreed that the voluntary tea service should be continued in the same format as previously, starting with the two “four day holidays” at the end of April; and Pat Knifton should be asked to organise things on behalf of the Committee Action: Trevor Roberts

9. Revision of our charitable objectives

It was agreed to approach the Charity Commission about the possibility of extending our official charitable objectives, to include reference to organising community events and activities directly, and also to using resources to assist community activities and local projects of public benefit. Action: Trevor Roberts

10. Next meeting

The next meeting will be Wednesday 11 May 2011at 7.30pm

Please also note the meeting of the Revitalisation Action Group on 2 March 2011.

11. Any other business


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