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Village Hall Trust meeting - May 2011





Present: Donald Angus, Roger Bragg, Alison Critchlow, Sue Dunn,Adrian Eddleston, Steven Oldfield, Trevor Roberts


1. Apologies

Carolyn Cripps (ill), Gill Winter (other commitment)

2. Minutes of the previous Ordinary Meeting held on 2 February 2011(previously circulated)

These were accepted as a correct record

3. Matters arising from the Minutes not on the agenda


4. Financial reports

Roger Bragg reported that we currently have over £18000 in the two main accounts even after paying for all the recent repairs and improvements; the recent Bank Holiday teas had generated about £1100 profit, which was very much appreciated. The level of lettings continues to be good.

Trevor Roberts reported that since the previous meeting we have added about £1200 to the Revitalisation Fund (Parish Council), including about £700 from the recent Art Exhibition/Sale.

The Committee considered the possible impact on small scale grant applications (eg for the staging, crockery) of having reserves considerably more than turnover, which many grant awarding bodies see as a reason for not offering support. One option to reduce the level of reserves would be to transfer some of the reserves into the Revitalisation Fund prior to the end of the Trust financial year (end of September). It was agreed to consider this option at our next meeting.

5. Routine management and maintenance matters

The Committee noted with satisfaction that most of the work previously agreed had been carried out, plus some additional items such as the new back door and the notice boards in the Small Meeting Room. It was especially pleasing to note that the work on the toilet and rear roof had been carried out and seemed to be successful. Roger Bragg and Steven Oldfield were thanked for organising this work.

Cleaning of the Main Room floor was still outstanding. It was agreed to chase this up and get it done. Action: Roger Bragg.

6. Displays in the Small Meeting Room

After discussion of possible options, it was agreed to set up a display of good quality photographs of Threlkeldhistory or similar on the blank walls of the Small Meeting Room. Action: Trevor Roberts to discuss with Stuart Cresswell and make necessary arrangements.

It was also agreed to purchase suitable stand alone leaflet/postcard display system.Action: Trevor Roberts

7. Progress on the revitalisation scheme and funding bids

The revised scheme has been finalised after the public exhibition in February, and efforts are now focused on generating funding for it. The position is noted.

The Planning Authority has commented officially on the revised scheme; its positive comments were read out. These were noted.

The Chairman explained the stage reached with regard to the Big Lottery application. Following two initial rejections, we are still in active discussion with the Lottery, whose staff are being very helpful. Basically they are asking us to focus much more on “outcomes” ie how the proposed building will be used one it is built, and how this use will have a transformational impact on the community. If this can be demonstrated satisfactorily, we will proceed through to the second, more detailed stage of consideration. The Chairman indicated he was concentrating on four “outcomes” based largely on getting accessible and affordable services in our area – for the community generally, for younger children and their parents, for young people and for older people. If we get any further in the assessment process, we will have to organise ourselves very positively around these outcomes. The process will continue and hopefully we will win through to the second round shortly. The position was noted.

Discussion took place regarding any possible elements of the overall scheme which could be undertaken as a “one off” measure. This has already been explored with the architects more than once. There do seem to be some possible limited options around installation of energy saving heating systems and conservation. It was agreed to consider these options later in the year if our grant applications were not proceeding satisfactorily.

8. Highlights

Gill Winter has recruited someone to take on the Highlights liaison etc – Moira Suringar, who lives in ThrelkeldQuarry.

The Committee agreed to thank Gill and her family for their assistance in running the Highlights scheme for the last three years.

The recent Highlights event had not been well attended, and only about half a dozen people went from the village. Generally the Committee recognised that support for Highlights events within the village had (with a few exceptions) never been good, and a review took place as to whether we should continue as part of the scheme. The following points were made:

  • generally the quality of events is high, it is the size of audiences, especially from the village, which is the problem
  • is this really something which the village seems to need, are we providing a service which we do not especially want?
  • if we back out of the scheme it will be diffcult to get back in; conversely, are we blocking access to this subsidised scheme from a village which would benefit more than us
  • there are a lot of events going on in Threlkeldanyway, including live music events; and a lot of people go to activities/events in Keswick
  • we have a new organiser for the scheme lined up, she should be given a chance to make her mark
  • it would send out the wrong messages if we pulled out of this scheme just as we are trying to promote use of the Hall as an “outreach” venue.

After discussion, it was agreed

  • to carry on with the scheme and try to make it more successful
  • to welcome Moira as the new organiser
  • to provide here with a more organised network of helpers and supporters
  • review the scheme again in a year’s time.


Action: Trevor Roberts to contact various people and make the necessary arrangements.

9. Children’s Sports/School Summer Fayre

It was reported that the discussions earlier in the year to see if the Friends of ThrelkeldSchool could take over the organisation of this event in the longer term had unfortunately not led to anything, and also that the team of people who had run the sports on behalf of the Village Hall Committee could not do so this year. However, FOTS have said they would hope to run the event this year in a different format (in conjunction with an evening barbecue at the Cricket Pavilion) and see how this goes.

The Committee confirmed its commitment to ensuring the long term survival of the Sports as an event for children in the village, and also its support for any efforts to run the sports this year. It was agreed:

  • to thank the team who have organised the Sports for many years Action: Steven Oldfield
  • to welcome the option of FOTS running the sports this year as suggested and offer any assistance we can, including making the various trophies available Action: Alison Critchlow
  • later in the year, we will arrange for a general review of the situation involving all the “interested parties” to ensure the long term and successful survival of the event Action: Trevor Roberts

10. Possible revision of our charitable objectives

Trevor Roberts reported that the Charity Commission did not think it necessary to revise our charitable objectives, which are apparently pretty well standard for a village hall. They have helpfully pointed out that:

The position was noted and it was agreed to take no further action for the time being regarding changes to the governing document.

11. Rules regarding conduct of elections for membership of the Trust Management Committee

In order to clarify how elections to the three elected Committee member posts are conducted, the Committee used its powers to make rules and regulations consistent with this scheme for the management of the charity, and agreed as follows

  • All nominations of people to be elected to membership of the Trust Management Committee by the annual general meeting of the Village Hall Trust must be received by the Secretary by 12 noonon the day before the meeting
  • Such nominations must be accompanied by a signed declaration of willingness to be nominated, together with signatures of a proposer and seconder, both of whom must be aged 18 or over and resident in ThrelkeldParish
  • Details of the nomination procedure must be advertised as part of the official publication of the annual general meeting (which has to be advertised at least 14 days in advance)
  • Where the Secretary receives three or fewer nominations in this way, the persons nominated will be announced as elected unopposed at the Annual General Meeting
  • Where the Secretary receives more than three nominations, ballot papers will be drawn up including the names of the nominees and their proposers and seconders; these will be distributed at the annual general meeting with those eligible to vote being asked to put a mark against up to three of the names; the nominees receiving most votes in this way will be declared elected, and if there is a tied vote a second ballot (and if necessary additional ballots) will be conducted in this way, with any final tie between two nominees determined by a Chairman’s casting vote
  • Where fewer than three valid nominations are received by the Secretary, the vacant places can be filled by people proposed and seconded by eligible people personally present at the annual general meeting, and where there are more nominees than the places available to be filled, the meeting will be suspended or postponed to allow for the production of ballot slips and the procedures set out above to be followed.

12. Next meeting

The next meeting will be Wednesday 10 August 2011 at 7.30pm

Please also note the date of the Annual General Meeting 19 October 2011 and the first meeting of the Committee after that is scheduled for 9 November 2011.

13. Any other business


The meeting finished at 9.15pm.

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