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The Village Hall Revitalisation Project Costs & Funding in Support of it

The Village Hall Trust Management Committee recently received a very detailed report on the costs and income associated with the Village Hall revitalisation scheme. The project kicked off in 2007. Both the funding of it and the outlay has been split between the Parish Council and the Village Hall Trust (since December 2011 it has been all under the auspices of the Village Hall Trust). Although the Parish Council and the Village Hall Trust kept careful account of their particular elements, it was difficult to keep track of things overall. This report has pulled everything together for the first time.

The Committee resolved that key points in the report should be published in Beneath Blencathra. A copy of the full report has also been provided to Threlkeld Parish Council. A summary is available in the Village Hall TMC Minutes which are on the Threlkeld Community website. Copies of the full report can be obtained from the Village Hall Secretary or the Parish Clerk. The figures here relate to the situation in January 2012.


Total expenditure on the revitalisation project to date has been £42,967. This is made up as follows:

* Architects Fees - £40,240

* Other professional fees - £1,768

* Statutory fees and Charges - £872

* Administrative and Sundry costs - £85

Of this expenditure, £38,750 has been covered by external grants; the rest has come from locally raised funds and donations.

Professional and statutory fees were paid in three phases:

* preliminary phase when the basic scheme was being developed and discussed - £6,842

* fees associated with the preparation, submission and discussion of the planning application - £6,000

* fees etc after planning permission was granted, relating to detailed design work, including costs of re- designing the scheme when we opted for a scaled down version - £30,090.

Total income

In total, we have so far generated £80,924 for the project. The income has come from:

* external grants towards development of the project - £38,750

* donations - £7,779

* local fundraising activities - £15,828

* financial support from the Village Hall and the Parish Council - £18,399

External grants were given by:

* Big Lottery Awards for All - £5,250

* Cumbria Community Foundation - £6,000

* Cumbria County Council Eden Neighbourhood Forum - £500

* Cumbria County Council Members Divisional Capital Grant - £2,000

* Lake District National Park Authority Sustainable Development Fund - £10,000

* Lake District National Park Authority Investing in Communities Fund - £15,000

The significant support from the LDNPA was offered initially for the scheme generally. At our request, it was specifically allocated to the development of the scheme to allow design work to proceed at a critical point.

Of the financial contributions from the Parish Council and the Village Hall, about £8,000 has actually been linked to external revenue grants channelled through the Village Hall/Parish Council for technical reasons; and £12,000 has come from the Village Hall financial reserves.

How much have we got?

In round figures, we have generated about £80,000 and spent half of this, leaving us with about £40,000 currently available as our local contribution to the scheme. Having this cash sum locally available has been and continues to be of critical significance.

How much do we need?

We do not have a fixed target, but in our funding applications we have said we locally can contribute roughly 10% of the cost, so we are looking to raise about £50,000 overall. So we have about £10,000 to go to reach this figure – ideally in the next 9 months.

Trevor Roberts - Chairman

Threlkeld Village Hall Trust /

Threlkeld Village Hall Revitalisation Action Group

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