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Village Hall Trust AGM - November 2012




7.30 PM






The meeting was attended by 20 residents (a list is available from the Secretary) and was chaired by the Chairman, Trevor Roberts.


1. Apologies for absence

Apologies were received from Ros Shirreff, Gill Winter, Barbara Lowesmith, David Minnikin


2. Minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting held on 19 October 2011

The Secretary, Steven Oldfield, read out the minutes of the previous AGM. It was agreed without discussion that these were an accurate account of the meeting.   


3. Secretary’s Report on the year’s activities and presentation of the Annual Report for 2011/12

The Secretary reported on the year’s activities, including details of Trusts Management Committee Meetings; maintenance work on the Hall and the struggle to balance expenditure with the increasingly real prospect of full renovation; the reluctant decision to withdraw from the Highlights scheme; and on the steady level of Hall bookings. He emphasised the extent and variety of Hall use – 278 sessions, meaning on average the Hall is in use some of the time three days out of four.


He thanked the Village Hall Support Group for its efforts in generating money for the Hall generally as well as for the Revitalisation Project; in particular the still very successful summer weekend teas service.


He thanked the many people who assisted with Hall use and management in various ways. In particular he thanked the Caretaker, Sylvia Tuer, for her hard work and commitment.


Full details of activities described are in the Annual Report which was displayed at the meeting and is available on the Threlkeld community website.


The Secretary’s report was accepted and the Annual Report adopted unanimously.  The Secretary was thanked for his report and for his work.


4. Treasurer’s financial report and presentation of the accounts for the year ending

30 September 2012

The Treasurer, Neil Beresford, gave a full presentation on the financial position and accounts for the year (which were also displayed at the meeting). He explained that this year, because of the amount of money now involved, David Steen had decided to give up his role as honorary independent assessor of the accounts, something he has done for the Village Hall trust and its predecessors for many years. A vote of special thanks and appreciation to David Steen was proposed and carried unanimously. The accounts this year have been independently assessed by the newly appointed accountants, Dodd and Co.


The Treasurer explained the separation of the accounts into “routine” Hall management and transactions related to the revitalisation project.


Routine activities had resulted in a surplus of income over expenditure of about £3000, bringing the balance carried forward to about £13500. The surplus was about £3000 less than in the previous year due to (a) a drop in income from lettings and other activities (mainly the tea shop which had a poorer season than the previous year for various reasons) offset by increased donations (mainly the car park); and (b) increased expenditure due to us taking on the insurance payment from the Parish Council, a one off fee of about £1000 for accountancy advice, and higher water charges, offset by reduced outlay on maintenance.


The Project Fund, which handles all income and expenditure linked to the revitalisation scheme, started the year with about £25000 and ended it with £96000, of which £84000 is “restricted” ie it can only be spent on the revitalisation project. The £71000 increase during the year resulted from grants of about £90,000 and fundraising/donations of about £5000, offset by expenditure on professional and statutory fees of £24000.


The Treasurer also outlined why it was in the Trust’s best interests to become VAT registered, which took effect in March 2012; and the ongoing need to charge all Hall users, including the Support Group and fundraising events.


The Treasurer’s report was accepted and the Accounts agreed unanimously. The Accounts are appended to the Annual Report and are available on the Threlkeld website. They will also be submitted to the Charity Commission. The Treasurer was thanked for his report and his work. 


5.  Appointment of auditors/independent assessors of accounts

The Treasurer explained that it was possible that in the 2012/13 year, our turnover may exceed the £500000 threshold which requires us to have a full audit of our accounts as distinct from just an independent assessment. In either case, he proposed that Dodd and Co be appointed to conduct the process. This proposal was duly seconded and passed unanimously.


6. Chairman’s report on the future development of the Hall

The Chairman, Trevor Roberts, reported on the imminent tender process and implementation of the revitalisation scheme; work on this should be under way by mid February and hopefully finished by November 2013. He emphasised the high quality of specification which he hoped would be affordable when tender prices are assessed against the availability of funds. He also reported on the proposed charging levels and staffing of the new hall as recently agreed by the TMC.


The revitalised Village Hall will be used for various community purposes of public benefit; by supplementary commercial uses which generate income in support of the Village Hall Trust’s public benefit role; and by the Threlkeld Coffee Shop Community Interest Company, which will operate fully commercially as a separate organisation even though owned by the Village Hall Trust.


He went on to emphasise that the revitalised Village Hall and the Community Coffee Shop constitute an unrepeatable opportunity for Threlkeld to positively manage the process of change which is affecting rural areas, but only if people get involved and organised to seize the opportunity – we will have a great building, we will have substantial funding under local control, but the weak spot is people to develop and run the projects which can transform lives here – the aim of the Big Lottery funding.    


The Chairman concluded by thanking Sylvia Tuer, the Hall, Caretaker, especially for her patience; the Secretary and Treasurer and the rest of the Trust Management Committee; the Revitalisation Action Group/new Support Group, in particular the fundraising team; the Teas Team; and all the many other people who have helped ensure the successful running of the Hall, in ways large and small.


7. Appointment of members of the Village Hall Trust Management Committee (trustees)


The AGM noted the three members already appointed by Threlkeld Parish Council: Roger Bragg, Carolyn Cripps, Gill Winter.


The Secretary reported that three people had been properly nominated in accordance with the agreed procedures to fill the positions to be elected at the AGM:


Steven Oldfield, proposed by Eileen Read, seconded by Cath Cockbain

Trevor Roberts, proposed by Dot Benson, seconded by Sue Foster

Sarah Rose, proposed by Stephen Strachan, seconded by Sandra Hewitson


The unopposed election of these three people was carried with no dissent.


(NB The Committee members may co-opt up to three other people, and plan to do so at a special meeting convened with due notice). 


8. Any Special Resolutions duly notified          

No special resolutions had been notified.


Adrian Eddleston proposed and Sarah Rose seconded an expression of appreciation to the Chairman for his persistent hard work in promoting the revitalisation project and obtaining the funding for it despite various setbacks and disappointments. This proposal as carried with no dissent.  


8. Questions/general forum

There were some questions and discussion about aspects of the revitalisation scheme and the operation of the Coffee Shop.



The meeting was closed at 8.55pm. The Chairman thanked everyone for their attendance and contributions. Afterwards there was an informal drinks and nibbles session.


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