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Trust Committee Meeting - January 2013





Present: Roger Bragg, Carolyn Cripps, Sue Dunn, Adrian Eddleston, Steven Oldfield, Trevor Roberts, Sarah Rose. Also present: Neil Beresford (Treasurer)


  1. Apologies

Donald Angus, Gill Winter, Barbara Lowesmith (Monitoring Officer)


  1. Welcome to new members

All members were on the Committee previously.


  1. Signing of declarations as Trustees

All Committee members had signed a declaration of their eligibility to serve as trustees previously, and these have been kept on file.


It was confirmed that:

  • all Committee members are willing to serve on the Committee and act as trustees of the Village Hall Trust
  • no personal circumstances have changed rendering anyone ineligible to be a trustee
  • all members are aware of their responsibilities as a trustee as outlined in the Charity Commission document previously provided; of the provisions of the Trust governing documents (all members have a copy); of the Trust’s rules regarding conflict of interest; and of the Trusts policies and procedures.


Action: all Committee members to note this confirmation


  1. Issuing of copies of the governing document, Charity Accounts, Annual Report and information for trustees

Copies of the Annual Report and Accounts for 2011/2012 were distributed to all members of the Committee.


The Charity Commission document “Being a Trustee” was distributed to all members previously.


  1. Minutes of the last Ordinary Meeting held on 14 November 2012  (previously circulated)

These were approved as a correct record.


  1. Matters arising from the Minutes not on the agenda



  1. Election of Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer

The following were duly proposed, seconded and appointed unanimously:

Chairman: Trevor Roberts

Vice Chairman: Sarah Rose

Secretary: Steven Oldfield

Treasurer: Neil Beresford


  1. Financial reports

Main account

Neil Beresford reported that there was £13,543 in the bank compared with £13,522 at the end of September 2012. Since that date, income was £3,383 and expenditure £3,259, a small surplus. Income includes £523 classified as donations, mainly money from the car park honesty box. VAT paid to HMRC was £289.


The level of reserves represents about 2.5 years’ worth of expenditure even without any income, so we can withstand the forthcoming year without any Hall bookings; any income will be useful of course, so any opportunity to generate funds for the Main Account should be taken.




Project Account

The project account contains £93,090 compared with £95,639 at the end of September 2012. Income since that date was £33,871, including £29,400 in grants. Expenditure was £36,781, on professional fees, statutory fees and an advance payment for rerouting the electricity cables. VAT reclaimed was £1,225.


This report was noted.


  1. Revitalisation scheme

Trevor Roberts tabled a full written progress report on all aspects of the scheme, which was considered in detail. The project is out to tender, with latest return date now 18 January 2013; contract signing projected for 11 February; start on site (unless cable rerouting starts earlier) projected for 25 February 2013; completion projected for 25 November 2013.


The report was accepted and the following decisions made.


Party Wall Act procedures

It was noted that Party Wall agreements had been concluded without complications with Mrs Sylvia Tuer and with Eden DC, but not with Mr and Mrs Preater of Smithy Cottage, who have responded inconclusively and confusingly even though we have agreed to the various conditions they requested before giving consent, resulting in them being given a formal notification that unless we have an agreement in place by 21 January 2013, we will refer the matter to one or more surveyors in accordance with the Party Wall Act arbitration procedures – the Committee agreed that in this event

  • we would refer the matter to a surveyor to handle in accordance with the Party Wall Act with a request that since we do not consider there to be a dispute then the Preaters should bear the cost
  • if the Preaters wish to appoint another surveyor, we will appoint our own and ask them to work with the other surveyors, within the Party Wall Act procedures.


Action: Trevor Roberts


Furniture, fittings etc

It was agreed

  • we will review the options for purchasing additional or replacement furniture, fittings etc once we have a clearer view of the overall revitalisation scheme financial position
  • we will apply for any specific grants in support of this type of expenditure
  • we will however spend money required on equipment in relation to the Sport England grant received, to help develop the sport/keep fit function of the revitalised Hall 


Action: Trevor Roberts


Authorisations to sign documents etc

The Committee authorised any two Committee members/trustees to sign documents on behalf of the Trust.


Project management team

The Committee

  • agreed to establish a client side project management team consisting of the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Adrian Eddleston and John Knifton
  • authorised this group to make their own arrangements, ensuring that normally at least two people are available to attend meetings etc
  • authorised the people involved jointly and individually to make decisions on behalf of the Trust if ever necessary to ensure smooth and expeditious progress, consulting other people as they feel necessary
  • confirmed that formal arrangement with contractors would be via the appointed Project Manager and that payments to contractors would follow the proper procedures of signing off by the Quantity Surveyor and Architects before payments are made according to our normal procedures..


Closure of Hall and car park

 It was agreed

  • the Hall would still be closed to bookings from 12 January 2013
  • the car park would remain in operation for as long as possible.



Storage of furniture etc 

 Carolyn Cripps reported on various options. It was agreed to:

  • accept Dot Benson’s kind offer to store 50 chairs and the tables at no cost and thank Dot for here offer. Action: Steven Oldfield, Carolyn Cripps
  • sort out the furniture, equipment and fittings etc from Sunday 13 January Action: Trevor Roberts, Carolyn Cripps
  • make arrangements with Simon Grisdale regarding storage of the items involved Action: Carolyn Cripps
  • arrange to take down and store the key fixtures and displays, to be stored appropriately Action: Carolyn Cripps
  • purchase some suitable plastic stackable storage containers Action: Carolyn Cripps, Neil Beresford


  1. Proposed charges in the revitalised Hall

The Committee ratified the scheme as previously adopted. Hard copies were circulated for benefit of Committee members. This will now form the basis of advertising and marketing. Various details associated with charging (eg deposits) will be covered at a future meeting.


  1. License fee and agreement between the VHT and the Community Coffee Shop

Steven Oldfield reported on the “negotiations” he had held on behalf of the VHT with Sue Foster representing the CIC. He circulated terms of a proposed agreement and associated protocol. If accepted, this will be put to the CIC Board, and subject to their acceptance would form the basis for the Coffee Shop operation and charge. He stressed that the agreement would be subject to regular review, to reflect how things worked out in practice. The Committee agreed this document to be put to the CIC Board for its approval along with a proposed license fee.


Steven Oldfield went on to propose that the charge to be levied would be £210 per week, including VAT, chargeable every week of the year, payable quarterly in arrears. This proposed charge is on the basis of treating the CIC on essentially the same basis as any other locally based commercial Hall user, booking the space involved for the time period specified. He had calculated that the total charge based on our agreed charging scheme would amount to £250.50 per week, but a significant (about 20%) discount is justified by:


  • the size and regularity of the booking


  • the CIC providing  its own furniture, crockery, equipment etc whereas others use the VHT’s


  • an agreement that the VHT is able to use CIC furniture when not in use by the Coffee Shop


  • agreement that the VHT can book out Room 2a (part of the Coffee Shop) even when the Coffee Shop is operating, Coffee Shop staff will arrange the furniture etc for meetings of this nature, and the VHT will receive the income from Room 2a bookings itself


  • the CIC cleaning and keeping tidy the part of the building subject to the license for subsequent use by others, to a level not expected of other Hall users. 


The Committee agreed to this proposed level of charge and to the justification for the proposed discount. This will now be put to the CIC Board.


The license fee will be subject to the same discount as other users up to the end of March 2014.



  1. Routine management and maintenance matters

The Committee expressed appreciation to Sylvia Tuer, Steven Oldfield and others for struggling against the odds to keep things going in recent months, especially in view of the poor weather.


  1. Brief updates on other activities

Glasgow Trip – a 34 seater coach was filled, and this “broke even”; it  was run under the auspices of the Support Group, but in future may be an activity handled by the Threlkeld Activities Association

Christmas Whist Drive – this was attended by about 60 people, and generated money for the Support Group – in future, assuming it continues, it will be run by the Support Group or one of the new Committees/Associations, essentially as a social event

Christmas Draw – this generated £241 from ticket sales, about £30 more than last year, but a bill of over £40 for ticket printing is expected – the Draw is a fundraising activity of the VHT itself, and can continue (it was agreed to run the Draw in 2013)


  1. Representation from the Quarry etc

In the light of informal discussions following decisions at the last VHT Committee meeting, the Committee resolved that:

  • we do not pursue the idea of formal representation from the St John’s etc Parish Council as agreed previously
  • we encourage representation from the Quarry area within our existing rules as much as seems appropriate ie via election at the AGM, appointment by Threlkeld Parish Council (which can appoint anyone it chooses) and cooption
  • we actively encourage involvement of people from the Quarry area in any Action Groups, sub groups etc where membership is less strictly formalised. 


  1. Any other business



  1. Dates of future meetings

The following dates were agreed:


Wednesday 10 April 2013

Wednesday 17 July 2013

Wednesday 30 October 2013 (this will be the meeting prior to the AGM)

Village Hall Trust AGM Wednesday 20 November 2013)

Wednesday 11 December 2013 (first meeting of the new Committee).


The first three meetings will be in the Cricket Pavilion, subject to availability – the Secretary to make arrangements. Action: Steven Oldfield


It was agreed that we would aim to have a meeting of the Committee specifically to sign the main contract. Provisionally this date is 11 February 2013. Appropriate arrangement will be made for this. Action: Trevor Roberts



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