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A riverside walk

This is a gentle walk, mainly beside the River Glenderamackin, with attractive panoramic surroundings. It takes about half an hour at a steady pace.

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Turn left outside the Horse and Farrier and go down the road at the back of the Salutation Inn, with Wilson’s plant hire depot on your left. Just opposite Wilson’s is narrow “cut” which brings you to the A66. Cross the main road with care using the “refuge” provided, and go down the lane opposite.

On your left is the Threlkeld Sports Pavilion and newly extended cricket field (Threlkeld is a very active cricketing scene in the summer).

Continue along this lane until you reach the bridge over the river. Do not cross the bridge, instead turn left immediately before it along a track alongside the river. This is the River Glenderamackin.

The precise origins of the river’s name are unknown (it is probably Celtic), but locals ask what else would you call a river which has already flowed north, east and south before settling on its westerly journey to join St John’s Beck and become the River Greta, Keswick’s river.

Follow the path along the river bank. All kinds of wildlife can be seen here.

The panorama of Blencathra’s ridges and gills dominate the view to your left. To your right the rounded crest of Clough Head is prominent, with Threlkeld Knotts nestling below it. The whole valley here was carved out by a huge Ice Age glacier which travelled along the dale only 8000 years before you.

When you reach another bridge, turn left along the tarmac track (over the bridge is Keswick Golf Club). Follow this past Threlkeld Hall Farm until you reach the A66.

Cross the A66 with care. Directly opposite through a gate is a track. Follow this until you reach a narrow tarmac road - this used to be the main road before the modern A66 was built. Turn left along this road and follow it down into the village.

This walk can be profitably extended (an additional half hour or so). At the bridge by the Golf Club, instead of turning left, carry on along the riverside track. This is a very pleasant section, with plenty of possible picnic spots. On the right is the golf course, on your left the fields of Threlkeld Hall Farm.

When you reach a tarmac road and bridge (with the small settlement of Guardhouse just beyond the bridge), turn left and follow the road up to the A66. Cross the main road very carefully and walk to your left along the cycle track on the far side. After a few metres, the cycle track leaves the A66 and joins the old road into Threlkeld described above.

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